Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Goodies from Near and Far

Our postal service has run amuck lately. We don't get our mail until after 4 p.m. on most days, sometimes after 5! This past Saturday, we didn't even get any delivery. Of course, Monday was a holiday. You can imagine how full the box was yesterday.

Along with all the normal junk mail came two wonderful parcels from my buddies. From near, or kinda near--St. Louis-- came a sweet little package from Connie. It was a RAK (random act of kindness). For no reason at all, except she is so sweet, she hand made a little pillow scented with rose buds and adorned with a beautiful vintage pin. She didn't stop there, oh no. She then went on to make a lovely card for me. Is she just not the best? Thank you Connie. I put the pillow by my bed and it smells so good! We kept the door open to the deck and the breeze blew the fresh rose smell and lulled me to sleep last night. Sigh.

Then, from afar, came my swap packed that Ms. Robyn had set up. My partner was non-other than Mrs. Nesbitt. She sent scrumptious fabrics of roses and hearts, a beautiful hand-made card and lots of bits and bobs. Look at how sweet the pinks and reds are! Thank you Mrs. Nesbitt! I can't wait to get my artsy mo jo back and get to using these wonderful materials!

In going back to yesterday and the paint job, you know how I was having second thoughts on how light it was? Well guess what? It was. You couldn't even see the white trim molding I have everywhere. What's the point, right? So, I called the lady last night and she gave me a suggestion for another color that would look pretty. They had to put a second coat on today, so it all worked out fine. Phew! It looks lovely. It's the more yellow version above. You can see how white the other is now compared with the new color. Live and learn. I guess I was just so bent on getting rid of that ugly tan, I went a little too far. I'm going to really like this, I know.


PEA said...

Such wonderful parcels to receive in the mail:-) Connie is one of the sweetest people I know, she's got such a caring heart!! Glad you were able to get the paint changed to a bit of a darker one! I'm sure you're really looking forward to having all these renovations done and over with? lol Hugs xox

Tammy said...

Connie is one of many unselfish souls...and very creative it looks like!!

Susie said...

Lovely surprises to find in your mailbox!
We've had such trouble with our mail carrier lately. Complaining does absolutely no good (if anything it makes it worse!)
I bet those roses smell amazing!!

Peggy said...

love your parcels! Love your new paint too. I got one wall of beadboard up in the diningroom with 3 more walls to go. we are painting the beadboard white since I have a dark table, china cabinet and buffet. I just want it done!

Anonymous said...

I am so very happy you got my package. Just a little something to let you know how special you are.


paris parfait said...

Lovely presents and lovely paint colour!

mrsnesbitt said...

So pleased you loved your parcel!
It was a joy making it up for you!




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