Saturday, February 03, 2007

Almost Gone

The beautiful snow is almost gone. It's a bright and sunny day here, still cold, so it's melting slowly. I always hate when it is just, "poof", gone. Today it is melting slowly even with the sun.

Went out this morning to buy some fluid for my Lampe Berger to kill the germs (and lovely polyeurothane smell) throughout the house. This time I just got the neutral smell, I think I have enough aromas going on in here. (Some of their scents are major sweet! Ew. May as well open a bottle of perfume and toss it about!)

I found some switch plates for the bedroom. I am dying to get in there and start putting things back in. Think they have another coat to put down though. It's hard when it's up there just waiting for me to decorate, not a thing in it! Like a kid outside a toy shop not being able to get inside! It's driving me crazy!! It's taking all my willpower not to go in and walk on it!!

Instead, I'm going to start on my valentines. I always get so motivated when I take a look around and see what everyone else is doing. Then, by the time I look at all my junk, I feel overwhelmed and do nothing. Since the sun is calling me to my table, I think I better heed its call. Wish me luck to get something done.


paris parfait said...

Like you, I'd be chomping at the bit to get in there and decorate! Hope you've had fun making Valentines.

miss*R said...

that room is like a blank canvas. Don't you love that? all nice and clean, no dust and then you can have it all perfect!! hope you got some creating done xo

PEA said...

We don't have as much snow as we usually have for this time of year but with the frigid temps we've been getting, the snow we do have won't be melting anytime soon! I can just imagine how anxious you are to redecorate your bedroom...can't wait to see the finished project:-) Have fun making Valentines!! Hugs xoxo

Susie said...

The floor is gorgeous. What fun you'll have decorating that space!!
Take plenty of pictures!!

casapinka said...

OMG I just love your switchplates!!! I just found some bamboo ones on Ebay but I need to look for some like yours.



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