Monday, August 31, 2009

Mary Engelbreit Workshops

I found Mary Engelbreit's blog last week just in time to sign up for a ME workshop in St. Louis. Registration begins tomorrow and I can't wait to find out more! I have a "save the date" in to our friend Connie who lives in St. Louis. How fun would it be to go to a workshop and meet up with Connie? Pretty darn good!

You can find out more information here on Mary's blog. Can't wait for the clock to strike 12! See you there?


Update: Kinda pricey. Ouch.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Momma Always Said . . .

There'd be days like these.

Well, she never really did, but it sounds good doesn't it.

I say "when all fails ya, sit down and drink tea."

Or have some sweet cake.

I'm becoming Friday challenged. I always try and think of something good to make the nurses. Today, my idea was making muffins. Not even the from-scratch kind. Some cake maker has a wonderful "restaurant" style blueberry-streusel type, right from the box. Of course, I always add a little extra this and that. I've made them a hundred times, or more.

This morning, I make a special trip to the store. Get the box and even found a new apple flavor. Go home, get everything out to make them. No veggie oil. Back to the store.

K. I measure everything, start-a-mixing. Hmmm. Seems a tad watery. That's only because I put an EXTRA CUP OF WATER in the mix! Lord have mercy. Baking challenged. I added some sugar, then some flour and so forth, trying to save the batter. Poor little guys. Never rose. Guess I should have added a little salt and baking powder. Oy.

K. So on to a back-up plan. Well, I tried my new muffin top pan on the apple recipe. Only made six muffin tops. Not enough for the nurses.

Back-up plan No. 2. Doughnuts. Went to the doughnut shop on the way to mom's. OUT of doughnuts. LOL. Wha???

K. Back-up plan No. 3. Hmmm, those pizza dunking sticks sure are good. Maybe they would like a batch of them. Little Caesar's' no longer makes them.

K. Next door to Sonic. "Yes, may I have two dozen of your little cinnamon dunks?" "Uh, we don't sell them any more."

Lord have mercy. I give up. Time for the old standby.

All the way back to my neck-of-the-woods for Krispy Kremes. Now I KNOW they have doughnuts.

So, it took me over an hour to go 7 miles, round and round, to mom's with goodies.

If momma talked, she'd say, "hun, there will always be days like these!"

I came home and had tea and a shrunken mini-blueberry thingy. They weren't too bad after I sprinkled them with some natural sugar crystals. :-P

Happy Friday.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Faves

We only have one of these stores in Nashville at this time--which is probably a good thing. Yes, I'm still sorting through my stuff in the basement and came upon these bags. I think we may be getting an Urban Outfitters some time soon. I find the neatest Christmas presents for the boys there since it's kind of edgy. I need to check into when it's opening in Nashville. Hmmmm.

Thursday has become Indian night with the hub. We used to, occasionally, hit the corner pub on Thursday nights. But for some reason, it has been way too crowded the last couple of times we went. Probably live music or something. There is live music at almost every restaurant in Nashville. It is Nashville. Right? Anyway, an Indian restaurant opened close by not too long ago. Now I can get my Indian fix in once a week.

Life is good.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Has anyone been watching that new TV program, Hoarders? Oooooof. I tell you what, that will NOT be me. That will NOT be me. That WILL NOT BE ME! lol The kid and I can't get enough of it. I admit that when I cleaned out mom's place in Virginia, it was pretty bad. I keep telling the kids, just wait. Poor souls.

But until then, I keep chugging along. Mom's old space is coming along. Day by day.

I have been busy going through all the craft junk and trying to sort it out, logically. If that is even possible. I found this wonderful galvanized steel tiered tray that is perfect for "stuff."

Before, I had all my bits and pieces in drawers which made it difficult to sort through. Now, I put each category in its own jelly jar. Anal, I know. But, I WILL NOT BE A HOARDER! At least things will be neatly put in jars when the kids have to clean out the place. lol

All my glues are on the top shelf, along with my Aveda Tangerine oil to keep me awake when needed. Mmmmmm, deep breath.

I even ordered this shelving unit to help me sort all the jars, and whatever else I come up with. Can't wait for that to arrive and organize even more. I WILL NOT BE AN UNORGANIZED HOARDER!

I even found some old photos I had "pastelled" and have been meaning to frame. Perhaps I can fill a wall in the kitchen with them all. This was my first try at Photoshop way back when. Perhaps I can do better now. Maybe not. I always loved this photo of mom when she first moved down to Tennessee. Happy times. She is doing really well with her new roomie and new digs. I think she is very happy and content. Her roommate, Mary, says she sings each night before she falls asleep. I asked her if it bothered her or kept her awake. "Oh no, it's just lovely. I can't fall asleep until she starts singing." Just precious. Mom always had a lovely voice. Even though there are no words now, she can still hold a tune just beautifully. I miss her being here with us.

The weather has turned warm again but still not the average August heat. I'm enjoying the new setting sun. The earth is shifting and I'm loving the new shadows in the afternoons. Life is good.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Autumn in August?

I simply cannot believe that it is only mid August yet Mother Nature seems to think it's Autumn here in Middle Tennessee. No complaints Mother Nature. None at all.

And with fall comes cleaning--nesting.

Remember how nice the basement kitchen looked? Well, no longer. The boys brought all my junk down from the office. Yep two staircases up and down. I think the hub was willing to do it only because he now has his office back. Regardless, most of it is here now for me to sort through, again. I still have my sewing machine to put somewhere along with my OLD scrap booking table with all the kids' photos. I don't think I ever even started a book for the kid. Now that digital scrap booking is easy enough, who wants to use the originals? Not me. So, who knows what I'll do there. Maybe ignore it for another couple of years, then blow the dust off, pack it up and move it, again.

I'd love to have 1/100th of any of these ladies' talents. Til then, I'll look up the magazine "Where Women Create" and take some tips perhaps. Maybe that will motivate me. Let's hope.

I hardly need to go anywhere else except over to Robin's Thrifty Miss Priss. Take a look at what she did to her studio. Isn't it precious? Mine could never be this nice. lol

I'm just happy I have a new place to try and create. Period. Let's see what happens down there.

Frankie is kinda confused by all the action. Today I took everything out of mom's bedroom. The carpet needs to be replaced. I'll have call into my floor guy this week and get moving on that. Frankie has been spending more time upstairs with us. I have baby gates that quarantine him to the kitchen and family room so the cats have the run of the rest of the house. He has only barked once, at Abby, who was quite surprised to see him. Bella did a Flinstone maneuver yesterday where she was trying to run but was going nowhere. Just spinning her paws. Frankie just sat there and looked at her like "What is that thing?" She kinda resembled the Tasmanian Devil whirling about. She's been a tad more cautious today.

Time to chill a bit and enjoy the last of the summer watermelon. Mmmm.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Five-Flavor Friday

As normal, I lay in my bed last night going over everything in my head. Hmmm, what should I make the nurses?

I have only made one cake from my Viking cake class so I went through the list in my head. My favorite, the upside-down apple cake, may not be large enough for an entire crowd. And heck, I didn't feel like making the caramel sauce. Instead, I opted for the Five-Flavor Pound Cake.

I don't know why you would even have to cook it. The batter is just fine uncooked. Oh my.

But I thought the nurses may appreciate the cooked cake much better. Bundt pans drive me crazy. While I didn't have any major pieces missing, I still doused the top with some powdered sugar to try and hide the crust that came off in the unmolding process. It was still warm when I handed it over to the eagerly awaiting nurses. They're so cute.

And for you, the wonderful recipe.

Not anything to do with the cake, but I had to share these wild turkeys that decided to sit on a neighbor's porch. I think it was momma and two youngins. You can barely see the one next to momma sitting down. I forgot to tell the neighbor when I spoke with her today. Oh well.

The weekend is here! It's supposed to cool off. That, I can handle. Yaya!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Hard Rain

Is gonna fall.

And you know how I love the rain. It's been on and off today. Lovely.

A zoom in of three doves, an odd set, sitting in the rain.

I moved down to the basement today and started work on mom's kitchen. It's a nice view and I think I'm going to like having my "studio" here.

Cleaned up the little book shelf and put the cookbooks on the counter. I'm going to use this for my junk. Frankie is still downstairs but I'm still trying to get him used to the cats upstairs. Today, he went to the vet for a good bathing and his shots.

I found a bag of shoes that belonged to my Aunt Suzanne. She had given them to me when I was little. I hadn't seen them in years.

This was always my favorite. I loved the little turn of the toe with what I imagined to be a bell on the tip.

This tiny high heel was my second fave. I love the swish of the paint. Sweet.

Such wonderful memories I'm finding. Perfect for a rainy day.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It Doesn't Get Any Better

Than this.

Our last day on the Gulf with my brother and SIL was chock full of goodness.

We started with biegnets and cafe au lait.

And ended with Big Boppers from Shake's.

Yea, I miss the food alright. But it doesn't compare to missing my bubbys.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Baby Steps

I'm slowly adjusting to the boys being back in school. I was pretty ok until I pulled my car out this morning to go visit mom and the teenager's car wasn't there blocking me in. Sniffle. (Here are his new apartments stairs to the two bedrooms downstairs. How many times do you think someone will fall down them in a year? Don't want to know.)

It was a beautiful drive. I drove with the teenager--his little car barely blowing cool air out the air conditioner. In spite of it, the three hours went by pretty quickly.

His apartment is pretty basic. No, I couldn't live there, not even when I was young and desperate! But boys? They don't seem to care. It was kinda clean but has seen it's share of wear and tear. Four college guys? Ooooof. Gives me the heeby jeebies!

And it wasn't even on the second floor. A real life saver. I felt sorry for all the parents having to climb these babies umpteen times!

After leaving, we stopped for an early supper. Our pub had just closed for the day so we opted for Sullivan's Saloon. Not a soul in the place but us which is always kind of unnerving.

No worries. I walked around taking snaps of the place. Didn't seem to bother the college kids working there one iota.

I'm sure there is a lot of history here, but I'm too tired to delve in.

When I got back from mom's I had my second (or third) cup of coffee and then it was time to get to work.

Of course, the teenager left all of his towels dirty. But, to my amazement, he did bring them upstairs to be washed. Far cry from last year when I had to dig through his disastrous room and find the nasty things. I'm on my third very large load, here it is 5 p.m.

The new sink is prettier than the first. Hmmm, that's a good thing. Tomorrow the arbitrator will decide if all of this is put behind me. I'm hoping it is. They (kitchen idiots) have yet to fix the ice maker, but at this point, I'm ready to say goodbye. Every time they come in, it leads to something else needing fixed. I hadn't planned on my brother having to insulate the cabinets after this was installed. I'm hoping that is it in this damned kitchen! Breathe in bad, breathe out good. Sigh.

Speaking of brother Jim, he found some polo mallets in 'bama. Now, I have to ship them. I'm kinda loving the look of them sitting against the wall.

Both he and my niece play, so I guess I'll have to give them up at some point.

I found this copper sun to hang somewhere in the kitchen. It was too bright and new looking so I put it on the stove top and heated it up until it turned the most beautiful color. I have an idea of where it's going but don't want to put a hole in the wall there. But, you know, I will anyway.

Hope all is well!




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