Sunday, August 16, 2009

UTK, Here We Come!

The teenager is heading back to university today. Sniffle. Nerves have the best of him once more and it just breaks my heart to see him hurt. I know tomorrow he'll be fine once he settles in for a night. This will be his first apartment (sharing with three other guys). Each year, he adds one more peg to his adulthood experiences. Pass the tissues, please.

Gonna be a hot one. I'm only hoping it's a tad cooler East in the Great Smokies. I think his apartment is on the second floor. Oooooof. Maybe I'll work the poundage off that I put on this summer. Let's hope.

I'll be happy once he settles in. Awwww, the worries of a mother.



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Courage to the both of you!

Cheers and have a wonderful week,


Snap said...

They grow up quick! Chin up! Stiff upper lip (what in the world does that mean??!!) ... and all of that!

Peggy said...

I bet he will be so happy and busy with his room mates and school he will forget he was ever nervous. Have a peaceful week and just enjoy the quiet. I went to grandsons first football game yesterday and felt very very old. He shouldn't be old enough to get tackled so hard! LOL

Mrs. Staggs said...

I know these feelings well, as my son shared an apartment with two other boys last year. Last week he moved into an apartment by himself, and as much fun as he seems to be having fixing it up and all, I keep thinking about the flu, and "what if he gets sick"? LOL! I guess we'll always be this way! Anyhow, I think he'll settle in very soon, and have a wonderful year.

Take care.



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