Thursday, August 13, 2009

Smells Like Home


We made it home yesterday afternoon from Riverside. I'm ready to honker down and get ready for autumn. How about you?

The kid had his first day back at school today, my brother left this afternoon for home and the teenager heads back east for school this weekend. I have lots to catch up on--here and there--to say the least; and I think I'm ready to get it all started!

All is well in our little world. It was a fantastical summer.



Snap said...

Welcome back! You had a busy enough summer for all of us! Bella looks like she is glad to be home! :D

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Welcome home, Rosa. You have really had a fabulous summer. Now--everything will get back to normal for awhile... Right???? ha (Whatever 'normal' is!)

Check out my blog if you get a chance. I wrote 'my' story --yesterday and today.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Welcome back! Bella is so adorable!

I love autumn, so that's a season I'm always looking for...



Jeanie said...

Welcome home, and hugs! And special kitty kisses to Ms. B, who looks very lovely here!

the fan said...

Dear Rosa: If only you knew how many art students, special guests and family members are treated to fancy pots of tea - all with the magical story of "Rosa,the special friend we don't 'know'!"
You must be a magical/mystical gal?!? I think you are our Mr(s) Snuffle-uffel-guss! xoxo the fan

Janet said...

Glad you're back home. Those are such cute pictures of the kitty. I wish I could say fall was just around the corner for me but sadly it isn't! Still lots of hot weather ahead. Enjoy your weekend.



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