Monday, August 03, 2009

Just Peachy Keen

On our way out of Alabama, we found some wonderful white peaches to bring home. I gave most of them to the nurses on Friday, along with a couple dozen peach and apple turnovers from a farmer's market; but I kept some for us too. I am loving the delightful delicacy of the light-colored peaches. Yum.

Tonight, I'm making a peach crisp. No, I'm not doing the fancy, schmancy crumble my brother and I did last summer. Nope. Just some sugar, butter and granola, thank you very much. I'm still waiting on his visit. School starts next week (can you believe it??) and not a word from him yet!

The kid had his first on-road training today. He did well for two hours and then knocked a mirror off his car and one that was parked. Oooopsy. Poor guy. I had to tell him that we all have done that once or twice in our life times. Well, not me. Tehe. I felt so badly for him, but he's back into the driver's seat tomorrow. If ya fall of, just jump back on baby!

I watched a train go by on my way to mom's. I sat and relaxed as it passed. Something about a train that is mesmerizing. That is, until it stops. I finally turned around and headed on my way after I became impatient. lol

Mom is doing great. I took her a happy meal which she enjoyed. She always loves the cups. Perhaps it's because it has children on it. She adores children! We got her hair cut on Saturday and the hair dresser's daughter sat and danced and talked to her the entire time. Mom just giggled at her.

Mom is getting moved once more. A bed became available in the long-term hall. It's where mom can be found every day. She loves this hall for some reason. Anyway, her new roommate is the sweetest lady in the entire place. She is the one who loves the birds and the one I made photos for of the nests this spring. She is alert and can help with mom if she needs it which is a relief, of course. Miss Mary's room overlooks the courtyard where mom and I sit on nice days. I think it will be a very nice room for her. Sigh.

The inlaws made it home after a three-hour delay yesterday. I'm sure they're happy to be in their own home again. I was glad to get back to my schedule this morning which still includes washing the bed clothes that Dave hit while we were gone. Damn cat. They have soaked and dried with the enzyme stuff and then I add 1/4 c of cider vinegar to the wash and it seems to have worked on everything! Thank goodness. Sometimes it doesn't and I have to throw whatever it is out. Lordy me.

Hope all is well on your ends!



Peggy said...

girl you sure have been busy! Great news about your mom's new room. Give her an extra hug for me.

Snap said...

I got an email today from our farmers market telling me they would have *crates* of peaches. I hear my name being called! Glad Mom is doing well and sure hope this is her last move, but sounds like a good room. Silly cat, Dave. Guess he tells you! I haven't knocked any mirrors off, but I've come close. You are busy, busy as usual!

Janet said...

White peaches! Yum!! I love all the fruits in summer.

I'm glad your mom is getting moved and has a good roommate. She looks good in the photo.

A couple of mirrors is nothing! Once I scraped the entire side of my car backing out of the garage, then when I came back home that afternoon I scraped the other side getting back into the garage!! That was back in the days of HUGE cars and we had a tiny garage....that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it!!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I love peaches, especially the white variety! That crisp looks so tempting...

I'm happy to hear about your mother!



Thrifty Miss Priss said...

glad your mom settled and content! If they're happy we're happy!
I LOVE white peaches! I can't always find them though! They're the best!
And I won't even let my daughter get her permit.
She's got a lot of growin up to do!

Jeanie said...

So glad mom is doing well and moving to a spot that she will love a lot! You make your crumble like I do, with granola. Isn't that the best? And so darned easy!



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