Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Has anyone been watching that new TV program, Hoarders? Oooooof. I tell you what, that will NOT be me. That will NOT be me. That WILL NOT BE ME! lol The kid and I can't get enough of it. I admit that when I cleaned out mom's place in Virginia, it was pretty bad. I keep telling the kids, just wait. Poor souls.

But until then, I keep chugging along. Mom's old space is coming along. Day by day.

I have been busy going through all the craft junk and trying to sort it out, logically. If that is even possible. I found this wonderful galvanized steel tiered tray that is perfect for "stuff."

Before, I had all my bits and pieces in drawers which made it difficult to sort through. Now, I put each category in its own jelly jar. Anal, I know. But, I WILL NOT BE A HOARDER! At least things will be neatly put in jars when the kids have to clean out the place. lol

All my glues are on the top shelf, along with my Aveda Tangerine oil to keep me awake when needed. Mmmmmm, deep breath.

I even ordered this shelving unit to help me sort all the jars, and whatever else I come up with. Can't wait for that to arrive and organize even more. I WILL NOT BE AN UNORGANIZED HOARDER!

I even found some old photos I had "pastelled" and have been meaning to frame. Perhaps I can fill a wall in the kitchen with them all. This was my first try at Photoshop way back when. Perhaps I can do better now. Maybe not. I always loved this photo of mom when she first moved down to Tennessee. Happy times. She is doing really well with her new roomie and new digs. I think she is very happy and content. Her roommate, Mary, says she sings each night before she falls asleep. I asked her if it bothered her or kept her awake. "Oh no, it's just lovely. I can't fall asleep until she starts singing." Just precious. Mom always had a lovely voice. Even though there are no words now, she can still hold a tune just beautifully. I miss her being here with us.

The weather has turned warm again but still not the average August heat. I'm enjoying the new setting sun. The earth is shifting and I'm loving the new shadows in the afternoons. Life is good.



Janet said...

I've been recording that show but haven't had a chance to see it yet. I sometimes wonder about myself but then I've seen other programs where people keep stuff and I'm not anywhere near that!

I loved reading about your mom singing at night. How nice that she has a good roommate who enjoys it too.

Snap said...

Lovely picture of your Mom.

I don't watch the Hoarders ... don't need any encouragement! YIKES!

Your new creative space is coming right along. You go girl!

Life is good! Joy to You!

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

I can't wait to see that show! I just saw the previews tonight!
This post cracked me up because I DO worry about myself sometimes.....your space is looking great! Jars are great! At least you will be an organized hoarder! THAT just cracks me up! Martha would be proud!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Making order and sorting out stuff isn't all that easy...



Lisa Oceandreamer said...

I haven't heard of that show...probably just as well. BUT I am getting better having just spent 2 weeks going thru EVERY thing in my studio. YOu have a perfect space for a studio there, I want to see the entire thing now. I am so happy your Mom is in a great place and doing so well. I loved the idea of her singing at night and that her former space will be used for great creativity.
I am majorly coveting that galvanized organizer...wherever did you find it?
Thinking of you!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so pleased that your Mum is doing well, she must be so happy if she 'sings' herself to sleep. As for the hoarding, I had such fun going through my grandmothers things, she was a hoarder first class.

Beth said...

What channel is the Hoarders on? I saw one show about Hoarding on TLC but I don't think that its it, but it sure was scary. Nope,,I will not be a hoarder,,well, maybe just a little bit,lol.
I am so happy your Mom is doing so well. Thats so sweet that she is singing before she goes to sleep.
The Art Studio is coming along great.
Miss you!

Jeanie said...

What IS this with Blog World. Everyone is cleaning and unhoarding and now I'm feeling woefully inadequate and seriously stressed about competitive organization...

Anonymous said...

We're both thinking along the same lines. I've been using old canning jars to sort some things, I have things spread all over trying to edit and organize others.

It's a lovely pastel of your mom, and the thought of her singing before sleep, touches my heart.


PEA said...

I always thought I was a hoarder until I saw that show...omigosh, some people keep everything! lol In the last few years I've cleared out so much stuff but I know I can still get rid of more. My problem is that I have way too many collections on the go. I'm really loving your idea of using canning jars to store the bits and bobs...I'm going to use that idea for all my craft stuff too because with it all being in drawers, I can't find anything! lol

Love the idea of your mom singing before bedtime and what a sweetheart her roomie sounds like:-) xoxo

Kristen said...

Hoarders is my new Favorite show! But, it does make me feel the need to tidy up or do something around the house while watching it.
Like you, I also hope to not end up being a Hoarder~ Yikes!!

Jeanie said...

I know I've commented on this before, but I just had to go back and look at that galvanized tray! Where did you find that and do you know where I can order one? Or is it one of those divine older things that we discover and go, WOW!



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