Friday, August 28, 2009

Momma Always Said . . .

There'd be days like these.

Well, she never really did, but it sounds good doesn't it.

I say "when all fails ya, sit down and drink tea."

Or have some sweet cake.

I'm becoming Friday challenged. I always try and think of something good to make the nurses. Today, my idea was making muffins. Not even the from-scratch kind. Some cake maker has a wonderful "restaurant" style blueberry-streusel type, right from the box. Of course, I always add a little extra this and that. I've made them a hundred times, or more.

This morning, I make a special trip to the store. Get the box and even found a new apple flavor. Go home, get everything out to make them. No veggie oil. Back to the store.

K. I measure everything, start-a-mixing. Hmmm. Seems a tad watery. That's only because I put an EXTRA CUP OF WATER in the mix! Lord have mercy. Baking challenged. I added some sugar, then some flour and so forth, trying to save the batter. Poor little guys. Never rose. Guess I should have added a little salt and baking powder. Oy.

K. So on to a back-up plan. Well, I tried my new muffin top pan on the apple recipe. Only made six muffin tops. Not enough for the nurses.

Back-up plan No. 2. Doughnuts. Went to the doughnut shop on the way to mom's. OUT of doughnuts. LOL. Wha???

K. Back-up plan No. 3. Hmmm, those pizza dunking sticks sure are good. Maybe they would like a batch of them. Little Caesar's' no longer makes them.

K. Next door to Sonic. "Yes, may I have two dozen of your little cinnamon dunks?" "Uh, we don't sell them any more."

Lord have mercy. I give up. Time for the old standby.

All the way back to my neck-of-the-woods for Krispy Kremes. Now I KNOW they have doughnuts.

So, it took me over an hour to go 7 miles, round and round, to mom's with goodies.

If momma talked, she'd say, "hun, there will always be days like these!"

I came home and had tea and a shrunken mini-blueberry thingy. They weren't too bad after I sprinkled them with some natural sugar crystals. :-P

Happy Friday.



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

LOL! Have a wonderful weekend!



Snap said...

Girl, you are too funny! Who ever said it -- there will be days like theses -- was right!

Tea is good for everything! (One of Snap's rules -- I'm making a list!)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well Rosemary, you gave it your best shot... Don't beat yourself up... Just keep it simple.. Those nurses would appreciate ANYTHING. Next time, make some cookies...

Yes, there are always days like this. I have them often!!!! ha

Beth said...

Awh, You such a sweetie! Going the extra mile(or 7) for the nurses! And yes,m there will days like this, even Van Morrison sings a song about it. Have a loverly Sunday,,Loving this weather!

Saucy said...

My Granny says, "nothing a cup of tea can't cure"... and really, if it doesn't, gin is the next stop.

Anonymous said...

A woman on a mission can never be thwarted.

Mrs. Staggs said...

LOL! Oh dear! You're sounding a bit like me these days. I've been having the strangest days. The other day, I deleted a folder full of my email. A whole folder full of wonderful letters, and addresses, all sorts of good and important stuff. I don't know was bizarre. One minute it was there, and the next, poof, it was gone.

A girl can never go wrong with Krispy Kremes.

Jeanie said...

Your nurses are so lucky! And yes, there'll be days like these!

Have you tried the wonderful blueberry muffin recipe from America's Test Kitchen cookbook (I can't remember which one -- I have a bunch). It's wonderful and easy. Makes 12 -- the batter is very thick, but yum!



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