Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Hard Rain

Is gonna fall.

And you know how I love the rain. It's been on and off today. Lovely.

A zoom in of three doves, an odd set, sitting in the rain.

I moved down to the basement today and started work on mom's kitchen. It's a nice view and I think I'm going to like having my "studio" here.

Cleaned up the little book shelf and put the cookbooks on the counter. I'm going to use this for my junk. Frankie is still downstairs but I'm still trying to get him used to the cats upstairs. Today, he went to the vet for a good bathing and his shots.

I found a bag of shoes that belonged to my Aunt Suzanne. She had given them to me when I was little. I hadn't seen them in years.

This was always my favorite. I loved the little turn of the toe with what I imagined to be a bell on the tip.

This tiny high heel was my second fave. I love the swish of the paint. Sweet.

Such wonderful memories I'm finding. Perfect for a rainy day.



Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Rosemary... We had some rain this afternoon too.. It was gorgeous all day until the skies opened up about 3:00 or so... It's MUCH cooler today and feels like FALL. yeah!!!!!

You're going to enjoy having more room now that your Mom is not living there. What else are you going to do with her place? Have you gotten rid of any of her stuff yet? That's always hard.

Have a great day tomorrow.

Snap said...

I love the shoes. What treasures you are finding in you new studio. Send some rain to me, please!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That looks threatening!

Have a great weekend and cheers,


Beth said...

Yeppers,,your gonna love that new studio,,maybe you will let me come play with you? I know you will, Girlie! So glad we are going have a nice fallish week-end. Bummer I have to go to doc today, sumthin going on with my ole Kidneys,,been a hurting,,not good.

Janet said...

We actually had a few sprinkles of rain here today....and that is very unusual for the summertime.

I love that table right in front of the window....what a great space to have a studio! And those shoes are wonderful....great collection.



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