Monday, August 17, 2009

Baby Steps

I'm slowly adjusting to the boys being back in school. I was pretty ok until I pulled my car out this morning to go visit mom and the teenager's car wasn't there blocking me in. Sniffle. (Here are his new apartments stairs to the two bedrooms downstairs. How many times do you think someone will fall down them in a year? Don't want to know.)

It was a beautiful drive. I drove with the teenager--his little car barely blowing cool air out the air conditioner. In spite of it, the three hours went by pretty quickly.

His apartment is pretty basic. No, I couldn't live there, not even when I was young and desperate! But boys? They don't seem to care. It was kinda clean but has seen it's share of wear and tear. Four college guys? Ooooof. Gives me the heeby jeebies!

And it wasn't even on the second floor. A real life saver. I felt sorry for all the parents having to climb these babies umpteen times!

After leaving, we stopped for an early supper. Our pub had just closed for the day so we opted for Sullivan's Saloon. Not a soul in the place but us which is always kind of unnerving.

No worries. I walked around taking snaps of the place. Didn't seem to bother the college kids working there one iota.

I'm sure there is a lot of history here, but I'm too tired to delve in.

When I got back from mom's I had my second (or third) cup of coffee and then it was time to get to work.

Of course, the teenager left all of his towels dirty. But, to my amazement, he did bring them upstairs to be washed. Far cry from last year when I had to dig through his disastrous room and find the nasty things. I'm on my third very large load, here it is 5 p.m.

The new sink is prettier than the first. Hmmm, that's a good thing. Tomorrow the arbitrator will decide if all of this is put behind me. I'm hoping it is. They (kitchen idiots) have yet to fix the ice maker, but at this point, I'm ready to say goodbye. Every time they come in, it leads to something else needing fixed. I hadn't planned on my brother having to insulate the cabinets after this was installed. I'm hoping that is it in this damned kitchen! Breathe in bad, breathe out good. Sigh.

Speaking of brother Jim, he found some polo mallets in 'bama. Now, I have to ship them. I'm kinda loving the look of them sitting against the wall.

Both he and my niece play, so I guess I'll have to give them up at some point.

I found this copper sun to hang somewhere in the kitchen. It was too bright and new looking so I put it on the stove top and heated it up until it turned the most beautiful color. I have an idea of where it's going but don't want to put a hole in the wall there. But, you know, I will anyway.

Hope all is well!



Janet said...

Yikes! The spiral staircase would have been bad enough but then when I saw the glass stairs outside that was the topper. I'd never be able to do that with my vertigo!

Love that copper sun face!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, I know you will miss your oldest son... Just wait 'til he graduates, gets a job, gets married --and starts his own life. My sons are scattered all over the country --and I miss them terribly. BUT--they are all living their own lives now. Life does go on... It's another 'passage'...

BUT--I still miss mine!!!!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Starts are always difficult... That saloon looks so interesting! I love it's atmosphere!

All the best and cheers,


Linda said...

That brings back all sorts of memories of taking my kids to college. Those dorms were something else. I'm sure the cleaning ladies must have seen some horrifying things in the bathrooms.

Saucy said...

You are a good mother, a good daughter, and an excellent and generous friend. I'm gathering a few things to send your way soon, it will likely happen in the first few days after Loopy begins high school *more sniffles here*... we are enjoying these worry-free, stress-free summer days as much as we can. Haven't even pretended to look at back to school clothing but cannot put off the inevitable much longer. She will at the very least require new pencils.

Much love, and thank you for the treats.


Snap said...

Growing up is sometimes harder on the parents than the kids. Hang in there! I think the polo mallets look great right where they are and the sun is wonderful. Guess what I found yesterday? A copy of Garden and Gun. I had to get it. Having a ball reading! :D :D

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

awww! It's hard when they're home for the Summer and then they're gone again. It's really just training for the parents to get used to the idea permanently.......those stairs...oh my GOSH! We had spiral stairs in the beach condo we stayed in and just one short week we had several falls....(mostly me!) LOL!

Jeanie said...

Your laundry room is really clean. I will never take a photo of mine!

Love the copper sun!

Now, about the kid, I know what you mean. You'll reclaim your life, all will be well, but right now it's probably pretty empty. Hugs.

Beth said...

Love the copper sun! So pretty. I know you miss the Teen but not the laundry, huh?

Anonymous said...

It seems very quiet at our house today, after having had my son and some of his friends around more lately. So, I can relate to how you're feeling this week.

Can you imagine having to move furniture up all those stairs? Yikes!
I talked to my son yesterday. He seems to be settling into his new place ok. It took four young men to move his sofa into his upstairs apt., because of a turn, but luckily his building only has two floors.

I hope everything turns out ok this go around with the kitchen. It's a shame that you haven't been able to enjoy it as much as you'd like.




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