Friday, August 14, 2009

Time Has Come Today

I've been busy catching up as much as I can. Enjoying the little time I had today. (Here, "grandpa" is working! My great grandfather's (Bailey) clock who has not worked since we moved to TN. Hmmm. I worked for quite a while tonight until I got him just right. All is well in the world when he is chiming away. Yay.)

We had our last dinner out tonight before the teenager heads back to university. Been such a fast-moving summer with him. We've enjoyed every fleeting moment.

The kid is off to his wonderful sophomore year in high school. Where does the time go?

While mom was still in bed, sleeping, when Jim and I visited yesterday, she opened her eyes, with a wonderful angelic smile when she looked up at her youngest son. A precious moment. Table's turned. They are both precious. Along with you too Johnny. You are always here with us.

A luscious last breakfast with brutha @ Dotson's.

Then we shopped at Lowes; and he worked for over an hour fixing what the kitchen idiots had left behind. Another goof. We had arrived home from Riverside with a heavy mildew smell throughout the entire house originating from under the newly installed sink. I love my brutha. I told him, "If we lived next door to each other, not only would we have two beautiful houses (me) but they would both be in full working order (him)!" Gaarsh, I miss him.

Abby is happy that we're all home and settling in. The teenager spied her in all her glory this afternoon. Had to take a snap.

And, while it was a tad over priced--in my world--I splurged when I saw this little Bella pillow in a Franklin storefront window. Wouldn't you have? A perfect cat bed, even though Dave is the only one who seems to enjoy it here.

The boys are off to see the last of the summer movies--District 9. Gonna wait until after the premier. Looks good though. But I'd rather stay home on premier night. I'd rather look at the light's shadows.

Woodstock, 40 years? Daig. For some reason, I still have this photo, Woodstock, from brother Johnny's August 1969 experience. Who's on stage brutha? I'll have to send this last hard photo to you. But, tell me why it's in my recipe box. A good, safe place, I suppose.

And this one too. Cousin John John. Funny thing, Don't Think Twice is playing on my iTunes. This is with his ex --but his wife in '69, in our living room. (Dunno who is playing the slide electric. ???) He told me once that this was their song when they were separating. Sad. War wounds of the 60s I suppose.


It's been good to me.

I wish I had a pair of bongos.



Linda said...

Hard to believe August is half over. The summer just zoomed by. I think I'm ready for Autumn too.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Beautiful moments! Thanks for sharing! I loved those old shots...



Snap said...

Wonderful stories you've shared with us. Time sure flies -- August is half over! Amazing! Happy, happy to you Ro.

Janet said...

Thanks for sharing some of your time with us. All the photos are the one of the kitty, your brother and mom, and the last couple of oldies.

Time has been good to me, too. Thanks for reminding me.

Mrs. Staggs said...

I think the anniversary of Woodstock is bringing back a lot of memories of times past for a lot of us. I was watching a special on the event the other night on tv and thinking about that particular time in history. So much happened in such a short period of time, right before,and right after Woodstock. The assasinations, the war and the loss of almost an entire generation of young men, the end of the war.... I can't help but think that even though it was a mess in some ways, Woodstock was an affirmation of something very real that most of us feel inside ourselves, but rarely express outwardly. We all have such a capability to express life and feel our moments, but most folks are still supressing that little "spark" of authenticity. Woodstock seemed to be an expression of the moment, in a very real way. I think that is one reason the music of that time has stayed with us. It was "felt" from the inside, out.

Jeanie said...

That clock is stunning! And Abby is divine! Fun to step back in time with you (no pun intended!)

And by the way that photo of mom and your brother -- priceless.



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