Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Faves

We only have one of these stores in Nashville at this time--which is probably a good thing. Yes, I'm still sorting through my stuff in the basement and came upon these bags. I think we may be getting an Urban Outfitters some time soon. I find the neatest Christmas presents for the boys there since it's kind of edgy. I need to check into when it's opening in Nashville. Hmmmm.

Thursday has become Indian night with the hub. We used to, occasionally, hit the corner pub on Thursday nights. But for some reason, it has been way too crowded the last couple of times we went. Probably live music or something. There is live music at almost every restaurant in Nashville. It is Nashville. Right? Anyway, an Indian restaurant opened close by not too long ago. Now I can get my Indian fix in once a week.

Life is good.



Peggy said...

mom is looking good. So glad you are enjoying the end of summer with the hub. I haven't had Indian in forever. Will have to get out more. LOL

Snap said...

Mom's looking good and Indian food! YeeHaw!

Nashvlkats said...

There is an Urban Outfitters in the Gulch across from the Station Inn on 12th. It opened in March and we've already spent lots there. Now all we need is a Paper Source.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Glad life is good for you, Rosemary.... Pretty picture of your Mama.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Great to hear that life is good for you!

Have a wonderful weekend!



Saucy said...

Mom looks very good, summer agrees with her!

I set up an Etsy for the registration for the charm party, you can follow the links on my blog and I hope it works... did I do that right? I think I did.


Anonymous said...

I could totally be talked into Indian once a week - yumm-o!

Jeanie said...

Indian food rocks! I just love it! Our Friday is generally Mexican with friends, but I could easily be persuaded to swap out for weekly Indian!



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