Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Giving Thanks, Rewind No. 1

First of all, I simply cannot believe it's December. I need to know where all of November went. If I hadn't been surrounded by a flurry of family and good friends since the end of October, we still would be in November. Seriously!

It seems almost a lifetime ago that my girlfriends and I reunited at Riverside. Aim drove down to Nashville and we giggled all night before leaving for Alabama the next morning. We managed to arrive and headed over to LuLu's before closing time. There was a live duo and Amy and I enjoyed catching up.

I had brought some old photos.

And Bella, of course.

We decorated with our old Jr. high school initials and talked into the night.

Kell arrived the next morning. It took everything in me to find that darned airport in Pensacola. Amy and I were a tad late getting on the road to the airport so driving around lost didn't help any. Kell was waiting with a smile when we finally did arrive. We came back to Riverside and chilled.

Here she is trying to catch (and release) a gecko from the front porch.

Unfortunately, Pam was unable to make it as her mother-in-law was very ill. She was lucky to have been by her side when she passed that Thursday.

That night, we made my brother's Mangria Monkey Punch (sangria) and stored it to enjoy the next day.

We did however begin the evening to a GGC toast with our new Skull vodka.

And then we began making our autumn-themed charm bracelets (inspired by Saucy's very own).

Charm by charm.

Then some more.

And more. Look at Amy's at the top. Was she in super mode or what?

Quite full, don't you think?

Made with lotsa love.

We later noticed that the river was flooding a tad and had to go down to the dock and move the chairs so they wouldn't float away.

And we played a bit.

Until we spied this big feller. Time to move on girls. Ew.

And then another shot for the night.

The next day, we had lunch at the Fish River Grill, beginning with the swamp soup. Yum.

And a day of shopping in town. Our favorite spot was Rosie Blu's.

Where Rosie lives.

And then next door where this guy resides. Awwww.

Above our little book store.

On Friday, we took a clay silver class. How fun this was!

Our finished products.

I had received the phone call during the class and knew by next morning, Saturday, I needed to head home to check on mom. They were xraying her for pneumonia. So the girls and I headed in for some coffee before I hit the road back to Nashville.

My quick lunch, on the road. A very homemade looking grilled ham and cheese.

I made it all the into Tennessee and almost to mom when I got pulled over for a speeding ticket. OH my. I am bad. This was my first speeding ticket in Tennessee, ev-ver! But I did make it home safely. Phew.

Sorry for the rewind here. I just really need to catch up and take it all in a little slower.



Janet said...

We all need to re-wind once in awhile. It's good that you have so many photos of your trip with the girls. Those charm bracelets are awesome!!!!

Snap said...

Rewinding is allowed! Love the bracelets and the sandwich looks wonderful. I've given up bread and can't tell you how good sandwiches look!

the fan said...

The bracelets?? You've definitely got 'the saucy' in you!! Very pretty.
xoxo the fan

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun there!

Nice bracelets!



Beth said...

Loved the rewind and some times it does help. I really Love those charm bracelets that you all made. So Lovely!

Jeanie said...

Glad you were able to have fun and play. The class, bracelets -- great. Good friends, greater!

PEA said...

Sounds like such a fun time with the gals and I'm glad you had that before you got the call about your mom. Swamp Soup...do tell, what's in that?? Doesn't sound too appetizing! lol I just love the charm bracelets you all made. I still have the one I had when I was 16 years old:-) If I would have been on that dock and seen that spider, you would have heard some mighty screams! lol I'm terrified of spiders, Eeeeekkkkk! xoxo



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