Saturday, December 12, 2009


For Snap (add it to Page 10 of the shopping edition)

I can SO make this! But fabo just the same!

But this? Glenda, Good Witch of the South. Uh, I dun thenk so. Maybe I could have my friend Dar make me one! She's soooo good with papier mache! Dar??? I SO wanted this bust! But a hefty $400+, as I remember? NOT! At any rate . . .

What a fabo store. Ooops. Can't find Glenda here, but the cone, yes.

And if you're close enough for a drivey, a def high recommend, regardless. Then, walk across the street to find Glenda. Such a good salesman. Hmmmm? At least I'm in the neighborhood.



Janet said...

Wow! I think I better take up paper mache! $400+!!!! A little out of my price range.

Snap said...

You are too funny!




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