Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tiz' the Season

I received this lovely Christmas ornament from Natalie Sarabella today.

I am always in awe of her work. Thank you Nat, from the bottom of my heart. Like I said, you are a true angel here on earth.

The elves seem to have run amok in the kitchen. But I snapped my fingers at them today; and I have to say, it worked.

I still need two more items from them, then they are off to enjoy some time of their own this Holiday Season.

This is our little tree this year. Since we won't be home, I opted out of getting a real tree. This one suits us just fine, thank you very much. And those are our little presents. The rest is our trip North for a week of fun in the Canadian Rockies and then move a little south to San Francisco to ring in the New Year. I am getting so excited. Having to refit the boys in snow and ski gear? No so exciting!

I have two more items to ship, then I'm ready to hang out with the elves. How about you? How's the Season treating you?



Snap said...

We are ready. Everything is sent (packages). Finished the cards today. I have one hostess gift to wrap tomorrow for an open house tomorrow at a neighbors. Ho-Ho-Ho!!!!

Annie said...

Good evening Rosa. I love your banner for the holiday season. I see you are remembering your mother there as well.

The elves may get busy with pranks if you don't keep THEM busy. Hurry them along and then they can scat.

Linda said...

I think I am finished with my shopping. Hope I haven't forgotten anything. Your Christmas and New Year sound fabulous. I hope this will be a great Christmas for you and your family. I will be staying here in Paris with family visiting.

Anonymous said...

I love your tribute to Mom..angel wings and all. She is in my heart this holiday season. She will be missed, but she is up above looking down on us and hoping that our holidays are filled with joy. RIP Mom.....I really miss and love you. I miss your infectious smile and the many good times we shared throughout the years.
All my love to you always,
MJ (baglet)

Kristen said...

Love your Holiday Banner!
Your Kitchen is amazing{it's my dream Kitchen}. I don't think I'd ever stop cooking/baking if it was mine :)

Happy Holidays!!



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