Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Linda

I'm a tad late in posting and it's technically past Linda's birthday, EST; but I hope you had a wonderful day Linder!

Linda and I first met when we moved to Leesburg, VA, in 1995. Her family was going to build next door to us. I met her driving up our street, looking over the lot; and we have been the best of friends ever since (even though they decided to build closer to the school our children attended). Our two younger boys are the same age as are her daughter and the teenager.

We met for lunch at Magnolia's in Purcellville, and of course started with cocktails. Oh my. What a selection! I love a funky selection. And this sure was funky! I ordered the Feng Shui (of course) and she got the Obituary (with Absinthe!!!). Both were fabulous!

Then we ordered more, I think we split a Cosmo here. (No, Linda is not falling. lol)

We talked and talked, ordered lunch and talked some more.

I'm so predictable. Shrimp and Grits. Linder got the Salmon. (After the food sat at our table for a bit and we were still talking (yakyakyak), the owner came by and asked us if we wanted him to take it back to the kitchen to keep it warm. How wonderful!)

Magnolia's is in an old mill. I loved it! It wasn't here when we lived in Leesburg.

More drinks and toasts to good friends. I love this picture of us!

We kept on with desert.

Oh boy. We stayed until HAPPY HOUR!!!! lol A rep was in for a whiskey tasting. Ew. I can't do whiskey, but Linda tasted is and said it was pretty good. Honey whiskey from Kentucky. Well, it sounds good enough if you like whiskey!

And then it was time to pick her son up at the gym and we were off to her house where I met the latest addition to the family. A BIG doggy (Irish wolfhound, to be exact). He looks like a Rufus to me, but unfortunately, I can't remember his name. I'll have to get back to you on this!

And here's Chloe, pretty Chloe. (Now what was the camera setting on this to be so clear? grrrrrr!)

And dear Prudence. Awww.

And all the dogs (including Winston on the right) wanting to come in to play with me!

I hated leaving but I had to get back home to Mary Jane's before it became too dark! Getting old! But I did stop by a quick speed shopping expedition at one of my favorite stores ever, the Purcellville Pharmacy. It is chock full of lovely things. My mom and I used to come here the day after Christmas and wait for them to open. I think half of my Christmas stuff is from here! Can you see why?

I called Mary Jane on the way home and picked up a Ledo's Pizza for us. My niece Kelly was spending the night too. Was this my third Ledo's pizza of the trip? lol

I think we got about half an hour in of a movie and we were all falling asleep! So good being with family and friends. I miss you all so very much.

xo ro


Snap said...

Sounds like a wonderful time and shopping!!!!!! ;D ;D ;D

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

You seem to have had a great time together!



Thrifty Miss Priss said...

I love Linda's wolfie! My sister had TWO of them.....they looked like huge muppets! Sweetest dogs ever!



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