Thursday, December 03, 2009

Miscellanea Post October

To think that mom left us over a month ago is surreal to me. I suppose it's been good that I haven't yet stopped long enough for the finality to sink in.

The hub helped me unpack from Riverside and my short visit with the girls.

My brother Jim and I were able to catch up, again. I can't tell you what a Godsend it was having him here.

Me clawing at my martini. Couldn't get it in me fast enough, I suppose.

A wonderful dinner where my brother was mistaken for David Gilmour (of Pink Floyd fame) behind the salad in the panoramic shot above. lol I guess the American accent gave it away that he wasn't. But the kitchen did still believe; as we left they all stood in line and waved (ala queen like) and said goodnight in their best British accent. It was just what we needed to get a good chuckle.

The table was full of cook books and panoramic photos.

And old Kodachrome slides from back in the day. (Live Led Zeppelin!)

Memories from the time with my friends in Alabama where Kell learned the new phrase, honey hole and honey pot--meaning a great fishing spot. This was a gift from her to all the girls.

I had left the new wagon with Amy and Kell in Alabama since they were staying at Riverside an extra couple of days and I drove ol' Ollie back home. It is now the kid's car to drive when he gets his divers' license in January.

I took all of my hippie bumper stickers off. Sniffle. He's quite happy.

Flowers arrived daily and they were all so beautiful.

Amy brought home a new friend for me.

Halloween came and went.

Friends arrived home from LA.

Mom's Red Flora sat proudly on the mantel.

And holiday catalogs quickly stacked up.

Jim made the decision to have a celebration of mom's life at his house rather than a memorial service at a funeral home in Virginia. Absolutely brilliant. It just came out of nowhere. And I was so happy it did. I began plans to drive back home with mom. (She never did like to fly.)



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Your brother indeed looks like David Gilmour!

Have a wonderful Friday,


Peggy said...

Have a blessed day. think of and send up prayers for you often.

Vallen said...

That you live life with graciousness and joy is ever apparent in this October recap. Hugs.

Jeanie said...

Wow -- what a month this has been. Yeah, it's hard to "stop" when so much is going on and you know you will. But I think this might be very good right now. You are sharing depth of feeling and enjoying friends and family. That's so good.

THinking of you always, my friend!

PEA said...

It truly is hard to believe it's been a month since your mom left. It sure does sound like you've been extremely busy but I guess that's a good thing:-) I so enjoyed looking at all the photos and what a blessing it was to have your brother over and what a hoot that he was mistaken for David Gilmour...I agree, though, he does resemble him!!! I also think it's a wonderful idea Jim had to have a celebration of your mom's life at his home instead of at a funeral home. Take care of YOU my friend. Love you. xoxox



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