Friday, December 04, 2009

In the Now, Like Tonight

I've been rewinding a bit in my previous posts. Only for my own sanity or longevity, I guess. But, this is tonight! (I am about to throw this new camera away! Why can't I get it in focus???? LHM!)

Maybe it's me; but I have felt so much comfort, these days, from my family and friends.

My brother Jim is on his way back down for the weekend. Yay. (Before finishing, he's HERE!)

I talked with the kid tonight. And maybe because she gave us so much love when she was with us that we still feel it. I really don't feel her gone. Is there any other explanation? I dunno. We were so fortunate to have her in our lives. All of us.

Since we're spending Christmas in Canada, decor is at a minimum this year. I put a few things out tonight; and perhaps that is because the kid took it upon himself to rearrange (destroy) the basement. Lordy me, I can't even find the essentials. Notta one--not even our stockings. Well, except Frankie's. Which now reads "F a k" because half of the felt letters fell off. Oy.

A piece of chocolate?

Way past my bedtime. Goodnite. I best be getting to bed!

xo ro


Peggy said...

Your mom is making sure you feel her love and spirit because she still feels all the love and caring her precious family gave her. What a blessing to have her watching over you with so much love.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I am so glad to hear that you can still feel your mom's love... A wonderful feeling!



Snap said...

Hope you had sweet dreams!

Pearl said...

How could you not feel your mother's two were so close. She is making sure you she is still in your heart. That is why it is so important to spend quality time with our parents. It is wonderful to have such lovely memories to draw from...I still feel my mother when I need her. They will always love us.


Janet said...

I've enjoyed your rewinding posts. I think you needed them to get you back on track. You will always feel your mother's love....she's a part of you and will always be there.

Enjoy your visit with your brother. Family is the most important thing we have.

the fan said...

Christmas in Canada you say??? Wonderful! I wish you the Merriest of Holidays in our great country. Where will you be? Quebec? Toronto? Banff? Vancouver? How about Saskatoon??? Right in the middle...and you are always welcome at our home! xoxo the fan

Mrs. Staggs said...

I just came in from celebrating my Granny's 95th birthday at the nursing home. The difference in her, just this week, has been dramatic, but I noticed that she perked up and seemed much more engaged, and happier as the afternoon went on. It was so good for her to be surrounded by family and friends. I think, that feeling the love that everyone has for her, made a difference. I hope that feeling your mom's love for you, and the love of family and friends will help you through the holidays and the many days to come, Rosemary. Please know, that even though I'm less visible here in Blogville lately, that my thoughts, and love are there with you. Each day.


Beth said...

Oh, glad your bro made it back down again. I sure was hoping to see you over the Christmas holidays. When will you be going to Canada?

PEA said...

Oooh where in Canada will you be celebrating Christmas?? Wish it was right here:-) Your mom is definitely still all around you, just because the body is gone doesn't mean the spirit is. She loved her family in life and continues to do so in death. You are also loved by all of us:-) xoxo



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