Thursday, December 10, 2009

Anything Yet?

I'm truly trying. Can you tell?

The kid and I went to a little coffee shop after school. I got a gingerbread mocha with a biscotti, good for dunking.

I'm still working on my camera trying to find a good setting for close ups.

This setting is a little better.

The kid got a big black and white cookie. We were supposed to meet my brother Jim up in NYC tomorrow. The hub had bidness and we were jumping on board. Jim was going to take the train up from DC and meet us.

But, the hub's meetings were cancelled due to pending bad weather, so we put it off. Boo hiss. I was truly looking forward to the trip.

Showing off my protection in the car--mom and a good radar detector Jim got me before leaving TN on Sunday. Woooot. I need all the protection I can get. Too many tickets in the last year. Saucy made the beautiful necklace for me. Thank you S. You are too precious.

The kid's favorite Italian cookies that we get at Christmastime.

Another reminder.

And more playing with the camera for better closeups. I may be on to something here!

And Miss Precious herself. The sun was so beautiful today. Only thing is, I was able to see all the dust everywhere in my house! Oooooof. Oh well. Just don't tell anyone, k?



Snap said...

Sorry you didn't get to NYC. We are getting to Christmas slowly ... the trees are up but not decorated. Hopefully we get them done this weekend. I had a taste of the best banana nut cake today ... melt in the mouth delicious -- but Mr. Dragon needed it more than moi!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I'm sorry to hear that,,, Nice cookies and cute Missy precious!



Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh my, that picture of Bella is so cute. She looks like she's smiling, and in the holiday spirit for sure.

Saucy's necklace is truly beautiful.

I'm so sorry your NYC trip is off. That would have been fun, but this time of year, you have to be flexible from time to time. We're still cold here, but no snow yet. Although, Young Mr. Staggs just phoned to say his quarter is officially over, and little tiny flakes were starting to fall where he is. Maybe, we'll get a tiny bit of snow over the weekend, but then it's supposed to warm up.

I love those little Putz houses. Yesterday, Cathy at Hazelruthe's blog posted pictures of a house exchange. I was really impressed with all the houses people made. I've always wanted to try that. Maybe for Valentines Day. Think you could make one? Wanna swap? For Valentines Day? Think about it, and let me know.


Beth said...

Wow,,I have missed all these posts! Now I know what pictures your were trying to upload the other night when we were chatting. They are great! Loved them all. Still looking forward to next monday,,we gonna spend the day shopping and having fun!!!
P.S. Your word verification for this post is "eating",,lol. Guess it knows what we will do monday too.



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