Friday, December 11, 2009

Post Trip--Ellicott City, MD

So much to catch up on rewinding my trip back home to celebrate mom's wonderful life. So, here we go, back again. Here is my "tattoo." All the girls got one. Mine was just in a more conspicuous place than theirs. :-P

Before dropping the boys off at the airport to come back to Tennessee, I was craving Ledo's pizza. So that's just where we went. Oh, I miss good pizza. We can't get it down here. Probably a good thing. The kids were grabbing the camera and taking LOTS of photos. Enough!

After dropping the boys off at BWI, I headed to Amy's. Here's her back yard tree house and her twins swinging. Yep, that's my brother Jim on the side there. I had forgot to bring the Mangria, leftover from the celebration the day before. He was kind enough to bring us four bottles! Sweet. Now, that's the way to keep the celebration going. All the girls, the GGC, were staying at Amy's and I pulled in to do the same Sunday night.

Aim knew I hadn't yet celebrated my birthday and was sweet enough to have a cake made for me and Kelly (who's birthday is just after mine).

It's a lobster pot--an inside joke, sorry.

We all sang happy birthday and enjoyed the cake. It was all butter cream icing. Oh my. No wonder I've gained 10 pounds! Thank you Amy, so much.

We enjoyed ourselves, as you can see. The ol' gang was back together.

We stayed up 'til all hours. The best girls in the world here.

The next morning, we went into the old part of Ellicott City. I had never been. Being a Virginian girl, we didn't wonder over to Maryland much. Ha. Little rivalries, I suppose. Silly but true. Anyway, it is a charming town!

With wonderful shops.

And nooks and crannies.

We were late in getting out, as usual (after a long night), and we found a little place that was still open for lunch.

The Rumor Mill is an Asian Fusion tapas-type restaurant. Mmmmmm.

And tapas we did.

And desert too, of course. The pastry chef brought all the goodies out himself.

It all was fabulous, including all the homemade ice creams, including a Girl Scout Thin Mint flavor!
Then it was time for some speed shopping. It was coming up on 5 pm already! Woooosh!

Can you tell my heart was palpitating? It was.

We just made it into this shop before closing time.

Thank goodness!!! Oh my.

I loved the gas lamps on top of this building!

We stopped for some coffee before heading back home.

And Pam, Kelly and I packed up and headed to Arlington. We caravanned on the Beltway. to Kelly's house. This shot is bad, but I'm always mesmerized when you come around this bend and see the Mormon Temple. The hub calls it Oz. You just kinda come up on it, in all its glory.

We made it to Kell's where we toasted once more. (This was a very good champagne. I don't normally care for the stuff.) We stayed up later than we should have but talked and talked and missed our Amy but im'd her most of the night. Silly girls.

And then came Tuesday. Kelly went back to work, Pam had to work on her MIL's condo and get it ready to sell and I moved on to my next house, my SIL Mary Jane's.

More to come.

xo ro


robin-bird said...

happy birthday you mo girly you! sending you hope and blessings for this to be a great year rosa. this past one or two haven't been easy although you are a person who can make lemonade out of lemons when they are dropped from the sky on to your table. you conducted yourself with the greatest dignity throughout the difficult challenges of caring your mom. you made impossible decisions by keeping the faith that the outcome would be whatever it was and that you would all get through it ok in the end. you are truly amazing and i too am so grateful to have found you in mo-land.
XOX. merry christmas!

Snap said...

I just love traveling with you! (You should write a book about shopping!) I want the unicorn!

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

coming from a Virginia Girl....I KNOW what you mean about the Virginia/Maryland rivalries! It's so funny and I never really knew others knew about it!
The Mormon Temple is a sight to behold for sure! I never tire of seeing that beautiful building.....but I MUST go see the shops in Ellicot City! I want to see Vintage GIrls (did you know another blogger Hope Wallace designed their logo? she's talked about it on her blog)
Thanks for sharing all the goodness! Looks like you had a wonderful time celebrating your moms life with your BFF's!

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

and HAPPY belated Birthday! That cake looks divine!



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