Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday

While we fervently avoid the malls at all costs, even on non-black Friday days, the brother does enjoy hitting some of the wonderful smaller, more personal shops around town. We even had the SIL in tow yesterday which was a joy. Here Jim is modeling a new style of headwear.

We found a few new shops which I hadn't spied before. Yes, we treated ourselves to some wonderful cupcakes, the gingerbread being the best. (No pics. I'm afraid they didn't last very long.)

Then we came home and made turkey sandwiches, almost as good as a full turkey dinner in this house! And then the brother got a hankering for more cooking.

We made Pots de Creme. (Will insert photo later.)

And then, as if that weren't enough, we made banana pudding. YUM! (Again, no pics, as we all scarfed it down pretty quickly.)

Before going to bed, we all had a small scoop of cranberry sorbet to clean the pallet. But of course, dawling.

Having so much fun with my family. Hope you are too.



Anonymous said...

What a dapper lookin' man! And he can cook too??? Someone raised him right! Love ya gf! ~ A

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Great hat and perfect model! Lovely sorbet, mmmhhh!



Janet said...

Your brother looks quite handsome posing in the hat. Handsome and a good cook....what a great combination! Pots de Creme, banana pudding, and cranberry sorbet....what more could you want!

Jeanie said...

Love these photos,, the food, all the joy. And brother Jim is mighty handsome!

Vallen said...

Thanks for not showing all the goodies. I might have popped just from looking.

Beth said...

Looks like you and the bro and family had a scrumptiously great time!!!

PEA said...

That hat really suits your brother! And look at all the goodies he made...send him over here, will ya? lol We need to be able to email food to each other!!!! lol xoxo



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