Sunday, November 01, 2009

November 1

I almost wrote October. The year is passing by so quickly! I can hardly believe it.

We had a little bit of an overcast day. Friday night, it literally poured down rain. I am enjoying the changing of the leaves. They are pretty darn close to all dropping off the trees.

I went downtown to our little stationery print shop to change some things on my mom's memorial card and was stopped right in my tracks by tents. Yes. It was the Autumn fair which closes down all the main streets. Joy. Any other time, I would have enjoyed falling upon it. lol But I didn't have to park at the house and walk, thankfully! I was pretty lucky.

After finishing my visit, I had to take a walk into one of my favorite stores in town. I can't remember the last time I was actually down town! Guess I've been busy with more important things.

While I can't think of the name of my favorite store, you can see it is just chock full of eye candy.

Quite overpriced mostly, of course, but still fun to walk through or hit after the holidays. Wink wink. I looked at this vintage starfish print, over $800! Uh. I don't think so. Maybe Keith and Nicole can afford that price, but not me! (Oh btw, saw Keith Urban playing on the side of the road on Friday! The kid and I were driving to the store and there were all these police cars. We thought there was an accident. Nope, a small stage was set up at the new Verizon store and there was a small crowd converging. There was Keith, just playing his heart out. Gotta love Nashville!)

I came home and finished my spooky Halloween charm bracelet I had done a swap that Saucy put together. How fun is this?

The hub and kid did their thang.

And quite a thang it was.

And then, mwahahaha, the sun began to set and the Mad Max brigade began. The kid said, which totally cracked me up, "When I was young, we had to walk door to door!" The thing here, which I have never witnessed anywhere else I have lived, is getting a caravan of electric carts taking the kids around. They are always decked out which I enjoy watching. The little old-fashioned hearse parked by the house and turned the smoke machine on and blasted heavy metal music. I loved it!

Our heart-shamed full moon. Hoooooowl.

Lots of action in the streets.

Goodies from the scary old man.

And I think that scary old man liked my big ol' lips.

Hope everyone enjoyed and survived their ghoulish Halloween!


PS Must remember to turn back the clocks!


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Terrific! I love your lips ;-p!



Snap said...

Lots of eye candy here for us to enjoy! Thanks Ro (I'm eyeing the lavender)! Love those lips!

Queenly Things said...

I loved the extra hour today. What did I do with it. More lounging. Happy birthday month.

Beth said...

Awh, that was a great post! Loved all the pics but the one of you and scary old man was the bestest!
Love Ya Girlie!

Anonymous said...

I love that pumpkin! Is it real? Halloween in your 'hood is more fun than mine. It was raining and everyone goes over to the townhouse neighborhood. I'm glad you had a full night. XXOO Love ya! ~ Aim

Jeanie said...

This is so cool. Glad you got to have a little bit of fun. All the decorations look great (in your house and in the store!)

robin bird said...

i love that last photo, lips and all! you captured some great photos. the the night/dark shots especially :)

Cottage Way of Life said...

Seeing your picture of the wax lips reminds me that I bought a whole bunch of them to play with at Halloween, put them in a bowl in a candy display I did here at the Cottage, and totally forgot to play with them! Too late now, haha. :-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your charm bracelet turned out fabulous. Thanks for your ouija board charm ... it's one of my absolute favorites out of all the charms that Saucy sent to me!


PEA said...

With those lips you look like some of those celebrities that have that stuff injected in their lips! LOL Love that picture of you and the hub!!! I so enjoyed seeing all your Halloween pictures and what a hoot that they use a caravan of electric carts to take the kids around...I've never heard of that before! Over here they still run door to door. lol And look at that heart shaped moon, that's awesome! Love the charm bracelet you made for your swap, I enlarged the picture so that I could see all the cool things you put on it:-) Thinking of you. xoxo

Saucy said...

Your bracelet looks lovely, so glad you put it together. I've been thinking of you and so have The Fan and The Secret Weapon, they send their love.



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