Thursday, November 05, 2009

Les Belle Fleurs

The house has been full of fresh flowers--and then the not-so-fresh. Why do sunflowers stink so? Ew. I still had the ones from the girls' week at Riverside. Yea, I know. They were way past their expiration date, for sure.

But just as I throw some dead ones out, new ones arrive. It's like everyone knows. I am completely blown away with the love that my mom spread throughout her life. Truly. Well, ok, sniffle. How gorgeous are these calla lilies? You think I could just take one photo? Nah.

Still working with the new Cyber-shot. I found the correct setting--then lost it again. I think the camera resets itself.

Or I'm just stupid or sumfin. Hmmm? lol

Who doesn't love a white rose. With baby's breath? Right from old school. Gotta love tradition.

Sunflowers, as bright as a smile.

Lilies (or as the hub would say, "Not just lilies, those are Rubrum Lilies!" by golly!) lol We had these at our wedding. It's the ONLY flower he knows because I dragged him with me to pick the flowers then. He cracks me up! And the smell always takes me back.



Foodies. And can I just say that these grapes were to die for. They were the largest ones I've ever had--and seedless to boot!


Ok guys and gals, I'm thinking about taking something, mmmm, special to the nurses tomorrow. I know. I know. But it's Friday. And I'm thinking, logical right? And, then I think, if I go and perhaps let the tears flow, maybe then I won't have one of those breakdowns when I'm at mom's celebration. I'll play it by ear in the morning.

Thank you all, very very much. Phone calls, emails, flowers, cards, thoughts. Big ol' hearts out there! Good stuff.


Still praying for my friend.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Those flowers are beautiful! Lilies are my favorite...

Good luck with the nurses. Let all the pain away...


Rosa xoxo

Saucy said...

Do what you can. You can always visit the nurses another day, they'll understand. It's their nature.


Queenly Things said...

I think you might be surprised at how good it will be to go to see the nurses. Who cares if you cry - there and later.

Peggy said...

You are so loved! The flowers are beautiful. I think taking something special to the nurses is a wonderful idea. They loved your mom and miss her too. Being able to share memories and tears with you will be good for everyone. Hugs my friend

Beth said...

Its always good to release some tears. The flowers are beautiful! I Love You, Girlie!

Jeanie said...

You'll know if it's the right day. Maybe that routine and the tears would be good. I'm not sure there's any other place apart from home where you could do that and they'd not only be there to make you feel safe, but completely understand -- after all,, they knew your mom, too.

The flowers are gorgeous. The lilies especially seem so appropriate! Hugs.



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