Friday, November 06, 2009

Friday Night and It's Alright

These are from an old album of mom's I've been going through. lol I can smell a teenage girl from afar! Look at all these good looking boys!!! tehe. She always told me she was boy crazy when she was young. Proof! ha. I need to make a photo album for her celebration. Haven't started it yet. Lordy me. But, I do have a stack of photos to begin with. Hmmmm. Bets are on. Will I or won't I?

I've been been busy with this and that, as you know. First of all, a friend's daughter just had a baby and I felt the deep need to make her something especially special. Is that correct grammar? Oh well.

So I've been hunkered down in mom's space to get some things done. What is it with me and trios. Have to admit though, my favorite number is 3. Perhaps, that's it. An ornament within a box, within a box. 3.

Babies are good.

Especially cutesy ones with crowns. In a nest? Even better.

And baby girls? Well, I wouldn't know, now would I? I tried my bestest.

I've had a fat, chunky mocking bird sitting on the pumpkin each morning. Not a great photo, but still, it's sweet.

On my desk, how close can I get and still keep the newish camera in focus??? Scatter brained. Yep. That's me.

The hub just got home so we decided to hit one of our favorite joints. Johnny (of the Cash variety) always looks after us.

Me eating good vittles, hub on crackberry. What's wrong with this pic? lol

And, yes I did, in fact, go and visit the nurses. (Should have taken my camera--next time.) Oh my. What a welcome! Apparently, the electrical power had been off for a bit. And, that 'splains the HOUR it took to go the five miles there! LHM! Here I was thinking it was a Friday rush hour at 3 p.m. Nope. There had been a power outage for all of the city. I must have been at the tail end because all the street lights were working; it was just that people that weren't moving as fast as I would have liked them to after the fact! Yes, I'm still a Northerner at heart, I suppose. I'm not the most patient person behind the wheel, but c'mon. When the light turns green, it means GO!!!!! DAIG! Anyhoo, we were all a tad frazzled by the time I arrived--what with axillary lights and stuff there. How I feel for them. God bless 'em. But, I presented them with wonderful Krispy Kreme donuts to calm them down. Mmmmm.

Mom's memorial card had just arrived today. Very nice, except for the fact that they were obviously printed on a large sheet and perforated. Call me a perfectionist, but daig. If they hadn't been laminated, I would have cut that jagged edge off. Could I have done a better job. Yes. Of course. Will anyone else mind, even notice? Probably not. Me? Yep, I kinda mind. Oy. Still. Beautiful.

Of course, yes, tears rolled. Some had not been there before mom passed on; and what a shock it was to them when they returned . It all happened very quickly.

The photo. Mom. Oh. Priceless. You recognize it, I'm sure. It was taken this summer with the beautiful trumpet vine behind her. They all recognized it off the bat which seemed to bring a deep feeling of satisfaction to each and every one who looked at it and read the verse. Just look at that smile. The happiness. Perfect. They--the nurses and aids--were so genuine in their love and caring for mom. Even brother Jim, one who is quite blunt about people's personalities, said how wonderful these folks were, how genuine, and caring. Oooof. Tears. Rolling down my cheeks.

Ok, funny stuff. Before leaving home for the first post visit, there was one lone purple clematis, full bloom. I knew I had to take it to Ms. Mary, mom's roommate. I came out to the garage, cutters in hand, the memorial card and a fiber bar. Oy. Been eating a lot! Major problem! Trying to cut back, thus the "bar." lol So, I put the memorial card and bar on the roof of the car. I cut the vine with flower. It became quite the challenge putting the vine and other leaves I had cut into the little jar half full of water. I had to laugh. "Momma, are you jealous?" Oh, she'd get an attitude if I talked with her roommates! Bring flowers? I had to sneak them in. lol Anyway, I finally got them poked in, after much fighting! Momma. I said to myself, "Now, if this little bit of water spills, I know it's gonna be you doing the spillin'!" Remember how I said it took me an hour to get to mom's place? Well, going all of 3 miles an hour the entire way, somehow, the jar (which I had propped up very carefully) spilled all over my purse and everywhere else. Do you think I drove off with her memorial card on the roof? Yep. Had a debris field to come back to when I picked up the kid and brought him home from school. Little signs. Guess I'm clinging to anything. I'm sure it's just me--looking for signs from her. Regardless. I'll take them. Missing my mom.

xo ro


John Ivey said...

Beautifully written and poignant...

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A beautiful post! I love those old pictures! The memorial card is perfect and your mother's picture is so pretty.



Saucy said...

Well, only if I could wish myself there for an afternoon to help you with the album. I would have my glue stick and sticky tack at the ready for you, my friend.

I love the anecdote about Mom being a little boy crazy... how cute!! What a lady ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh Sweet Rosa: I haven't been reading blogs for awhile and I only just now heard the sad news. I am so sorry and I send my most sincere condolences - and a special hug from The Secret Weapon. xoxo the fan

Beth said...

This is just a great post! I had to smile and shed a tear too. But the last part is so funny and so you! And I bet your Momma had a great snicker about the purse soaking. Love You, Girly!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Hi Rosemary,

Your mom's memorial card is so pretty. You're always going to miss your mom, but I guess, that really, you know that. These first days are so full of things that need to be done, that it does take a while for things to touch you way deep inside. For me, it happens over what some will think are the silliest things, but I think that just confirms that feeling that I have that it's often the littlest of moments, that mean the most.

I'm thinking of you everyday, and I know this week will be full of celebration, and have it's share of sadness too. It'll be such a relief to know someday, what life is really all about. Why we have to experience all that we do. Somehow, I think it all comes back to learning the true meaning of what it is to be loved, and to love back. I'm glad your mom's card speaks to that.

Love you,


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Rosemary, I've been catching up on your blog.. You have such nice memories of your Mama.. I loved the memorial card. That lady had the most gorgeous smile of anyone I have ever seen. You are blessed to have all of the memories and photos. Good Luck putting them together in some albums!!!!

Hope your place near Mobile is okay (Riverside) --after the storm.


Jeanie said...

This is so very beautiful, so full of heart and love. It touches me in so very many ways. The photos make me smile (especially the boy crazy part -- with that big smile, I bet they just flocked around her!) And the card is beautiful. I know and understand what you mean about it bothering you, because you know what you planned, but really, it is lovely and I know people will love and treasure it.

So glad the nurses visit went well. That first one is a toughie. And I love your looking for signs. I still do.

Just glad you had time to create something so lovely -- I think there's something regenerating about a new baby entering the world when a glorious soul has left. The circle of life. Thinking of you every minute and hoping your back is healing.

Peggy said...

Rosa, I know things are very sad for you right now but I wanted to stop by and say you are always in my thoughts and prayers and to wish you a very special birthday. I know its hard to even think about celebrating but hope it will be special in some way for you. Hugs my friend

PEA said...

Wow, look at that album full of boys pictures! hehe Your mom had good taste:-)

Oh Rosa, I just love that ornament you made, it's gorgeous and very special indeed.

Your mom's memorial card is very touching and I'm so glad you used that picture of her. It's always been my favourite, ever since you first posted it on your blog. It's how you should always remember her:-) Love you girl! xoxo

Mrs. Staggs said...

I'm thinking about you, and sending you much love today, Rosemary. Birthdays are one of those days, that can touch us the most. I hope that yours will have some measure of happiness, today. Your mom would want you to have that. I know that you are surrounded by friends and family this weekend. I'll be there in spirit.


Pearl said...

Looking for signs keep me going in this past world. I know my mother and father both recognized I was very much tuned in to both of them. We had such a good connection...Why wouldn't they try to send me signs to let me know they are near?
Hold on to those moments when you feel those special moments. They can bring so much comfort.

Take good care my friend.

Linda said...

Stopped by to see how you are. Sounds like you are making it day by day. It's so nice of you to remember the nurses. I know, as an ex nurse, that they really appreciate that. I had trouble finding your blog again. Kept spelling Cozy as Cosy. Oh well.

robin bird said...

ohhhhh... of course you are missing your mom. and keep that sense of fun and play all the while the tears roll down. you are a gem dear rosa, a real gem.

love to you!

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

oh my goodness! I don't know how I missed's beautiful! What a sweet verse...I love the way you look for signs....we all do when we are missing someone's so comforting to know they are right here beside us..
Thinking of you so much these days!



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