Sunday, March 15, 2009

Window "Decorating"

After finding Apartment Therapy, I have been unable to stop going back and perusing through the site. It is an endless tunnel of twists and turns that take you places that us decorating fiends cannot get enough of. It is a bevy of information at your fingertips with no end. This site is constantly being updated which makes it continually fresh with each visit.

I found some wonderful pictures, ideas and links that I had to share with you. I am loving this color scheme here. I am into the mish-mosh explosion! I could see this at Riverside or our in the hub and mine retirement bungalow in Northern California (years away, mind you).

My little kitchen desk corner looks quite similar to this at Riverside! Click here to see the entire slide show of this fun penthouse.

There is even a house raffle going on in San Francisco. I could do SF, most definitely. Only if the house is won, of course, with a mere $150 winning ticket.

And who has heard of Frog Tape? Not I. But I will never use the blue painter's tape again. It definitely doesn't work! Perhaps I could try this and paint a chair seat in a checkerboard pattern? That will run it through the test alright. (After reading comments, I'm doubtful this works either. Bummer.)

I like how the embroidery hoop is covered, or colored ones and vintage ones are used as a frame in these pieces. Easy enough to do. Story here.

Pushpins galore? Click here.

A crafty project here! Button coasters? Too cute!

Stinky used furniture? No problem. Find out how to clean it here.

Uh, no thank you. Anyone have lots of room for composting and worm raising?

Spring cleaning. I'm ready! Are you loving this white on white kitchen? I am! Ideas here.

Who doesn't have some old wicker that needs a fresh coat of paint? I have lots! This is a must save guide! Personally, I prefer the first picture.

Again, all of these stories and photos were found at Apartment Therapy. You'll find a plethora of information there, guaranteed!



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I'd love to have such a house... A great site, indeed!



Betsy from Tennessee said...

HI Rosa, We are home from Arkansas. It was a great trip despite the ICE storm. It is good to be home though--and our yard is getting green, there are some crocus blooms and some of our daffodils are blooming. Spring is really coming!!!

Sounds like you have had a good week.. And I'll have to check out that website. There are some great ideas there.

How was your trip to the beach???

Linda said...

I love looking at design websites which is very strange since I do very little decorating. I also look at the latest fashions and then put on a tshirt and jeans.

Queenly Things said...

I can see some fun projects in your future. And it's never too soon to get that California plan going.

Mrs. Staggs said...

It looks like a wonderful resource. Thank you!

Janet said...

Ok, now I won't ever have any time for anything!! That website is addictive!

Dianne said...

You know, of course, that I'll be on this site all day! I love that white kitchen. It inspires me. I think I'm going to redecorate my laundry room. Someday.

I'm so glad you went to the derm. Those moles are scary things!



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