Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dermatology UPDATE

Again with the face. Sorry guys, but this is important. The moles removed from my ear and chin were both normal; but the one that I had went in to have checked in the first place came back slightly abnormal (or Abby Normal, as we say in this house). They called it a mildly dysplastic nevus. With that said, the doctor told me I had done the absolute right thing when I noticed, right away (after sitting in the sun at Riverside all weekend), that the mole had changed in size and shape. By removing it, there shouldn't be any more problems. But, they will keep an eye on it; and I have an appointment to go back and have it rechecked in six months.

So peeps, please keep an eye on your body. We're getting to that age where these melanomas tend to pop up on us. If we are careful and keep them in check, we all should be fine. Thanks again to my friend Dianne who called attention to this type of cancer a couple of weeks back. Would I have taken notice of the changing mole on my face if she hadn't? I dunno. But her post sure did make me more aware of how important it is to keep an eye out. Thanks D.

Now, if I could only get these things healed! They are still tender to the touch, especially my ear. Ouch.



Snap said...

Loved the tulip pictures and the lovely embroidery that you found. I poked and annoyed Mr. Dragon several months ago and he finally went to the dermatologist about a spot on his neck. Good thing he went because they found a spot under his beard near his ear that was a basal cell carcinoma. (I had missed that one entirely.) We try to go every year. I'm better about it than he is. But I think I got his attention. It is very important. Thanks for reminding everyone.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Thanks for reminding us!



robin-bird said...

goodness i am so glad you were paying attention! joe is always having to go in and have his skin checked. he was in the military when staying out of the sun in the jungle wasn't considered all that important. staying alive right that minute is what they had on their minds at that time i guess.
good reminder! hey good job on that eating plan dear. it isn't easy to change these things, habits but it is so gratifying we know we are taking care of ourselves isn't it?

LollyChops said...

Oh sweet Rosa.. I am sorry to hear you had to have that done but glad that you had it taken care of in time! You are so right! We all have to be careful!

I hope you heal quickly!

HUGS dear friend!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Thanks Rosemary... I am glad that you are okay. I just heard this week that my 'ex' has a mole on his earlob which is cancerous. He's having alot of tests run. I'm lucky. I don't have any moles on my skin --at least not yet.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you paid attention and went to the doctor, and I thank you for posting about it. I know there are lots of folks who think nothing about moles, but they really do need to be kept an eye on.


Dianne said...

Oh wow. This made me cry. I'm soooo happy you went to the doc and had the mole removed. They are popping up on those of us who worshipped the sun when we were younger and didn't know and of course, we never think anything can happen to us!

I'm just thanking God you had it taken care of!!!!!



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