Monday, March 09, 2009

Riverside is on My Mind, But It's Alright

My brother Jim sent two (new to me) JJ Frey and Mofro cds me right before I left for Riverside. (It's GREY dumb dumb! I always say FREY! Geesh lola!) This is the band we saw in November in Nashville. I am in LOVE with this album. I've coined it the new Riverside soundtrack. I found the driftwood and old fused shells on the Gulf and brought them home. Sniffle.

Lochloosa is my new favorite song. I sang it all the way home.

Yes, obviously, I made it home safely. No traffic tickets. Sigh. I made pretty good time with a few breaks here and there. This section is for my nieces and SIL.

Humor me for a moment, please. I stopped off at my usual two-hour spot which is normally full of house-hold goodies.

This is what has replaced the first floor!

What eye candy, even though I don't have daughters.

Of course, I sent a phone photo to Ellen because these dresses are just TOO adorable.

Those two young ladies (my nieces) have quite the social calendar indeed. Love them! (The girls especially--but these dresses too!) Don't you?????

They even had long formal ones also.

Oh so beautiful! I could see Jacq in this little lime and peach number!

I'm gone for three days and all my flowers are dead--but somehow still sit in the mucky water on the island! lol. Boys. Blech.

Yep, it was definitely run by men this weekend. Look at the stove! Hey, at least they cooked in my absence. I've got me some cleanin' to do tomorrow!

Look at my poor hydrangea! Remember how gorgeous they were? Why did the pink wither up and the blue is good to go? Whattup wit dat?

I bought some fresh produce on my way out of town--well, don't know where the apples are from. My newly found favorite (yet another new fav) is pink grapefruit! I used to hate the stuff. Dean and Darlene served some while we were sitting on the docks the other night and woooosh!, I'm in love!

Of course, I've already cut into one!

These are my spices from Penzey's. We've opened each one and sniffed to our heart's desire--the kid and I. I used the sweet curry and Rogan Josh on my grilled chicken tonight. Perfecto!

And more Southern delights I found at the market. Yummy.

It's good to be home with the boys. Bella is settled out on the top front porch enjoying the nice cool nighttime. And, I'm about to do the same.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What great southern Delights and nice sountrack!

Welcome back...



Peggy said...

I enjoyed the little vacation... thank you! I am glad to hear I am not the only one that lost links when changing things around... its a pain getting them back...

Mrs. Staggs said...

My friend Liisa orders her spices from Penzey's too. I was looking through their catalogue at her studio one night. They have some interesting combinations.

I love pink grapefruit, but I have to admit to needing a little bit of sugar on mine.



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