Thursday, March 12, 2009

Docta Docta (Nurse, Nurse)

Yes, it's that time of year. How ever hard I try to get all my medical "procedures" set in January, it always seems to either fall into February or March. Today was my yearly girl check up. Yuk. And within a week, time for the smashergram. Always a joy. My gyno wasn't all too pleased with my going somewhere else for my hormones and she is checking my levels as we speak. She's heard some "things" about the hormone doctor I'm using. She wasn't pleased AT ALL with the diet I'm using. Garsh. I just can't win for losing (as my dad would say). Well, I told her I would finish out this diet (only two weeks left) and hear what she has to say about my hormone levels and take it from there. Always sumfin, isn't it?

Yesterday, I went for my yearly skin check at my dermatologist. After reading D's post about how she found a melanoma on a friend, I've been looking more closely at all my freckles, sun spots and moles. (When was the last time you had your entire body checked for skin cancer? Just dewit!) I come from a long line of moley folk. Hate them. During both pregnancies, my freckles/moles (whatever you call them) grew in enormity. Not quite what the ladies like. Gawd. It would take several sharpies to connect all the dots at this point. At any rate, (yadda yadda yadda), I know my face freckles and moles pretty darn well. Especially after having several IPL treatments for my rosacea, I kept photos of before and after. I remember distinctly about two years ago this line of freckles/sun spots (connect-the-dot type) appearing down the side of my face. I had hoped the IPL would take care of them too but no such luck. Anyhoo, yesterday, before my appointment, I noticed one of them had actually changed shape and was raised. They were all quite flat looking before. So . . . one thing lead to another in that office. "Well," I said, "if you're removing that, take this one off too, oh, and this one. May as well get that nasty skin tag while you're at it."

All in all, I had (1) a mole removed from my ear (the one I have ALWAYS hated--the so-called beauty mark when I was once so-called beautiful but now is just an ugly ol' mole).

Then there was (2) the one on my chin which always reminded me of the wicked witch of the South. You know, if it had a hair growing out of it, I'd be all set for Halloween kind. Ew.

(3) The "new" raised one from the connect-the-dots line down my cheek and (4) & (5) were the nasty looking skin tags on my neck that have resembled hickies. I didn't even know they were skin tags. They looked more like sun spots to me. Who knew. Those were frozen off. Ouch. Daig. I've never had anything frozen off before. Like I said, OUCH. As bad, if not worse, than the Novocaine being injected. YOWZA. Breathe Rosa, breathe. So, now I look like I have warts on my neck (will spare you a photo, lovingly), a bloody ear (it bled last night) and red scrappy things on my face. But all is well. Let's hope none of it comes back with any cancers! Gawd, the way we sat out in the sun when we were youngsters, just asking for skin cancer. What was up with baby oil and iodine??? Daig.

K, enough medical procedures (as my brother would say). Let's move on to more cheerful stuff. (You know I have to document every little thing in my life, so please forgive the medical notes to myself.) Right before leaving for Riverside, I received the sweetest gift from Lori Anderson of Pretty Things who I met through One World-One Heart. She is also the one who won my chocolate giveaway. You must go and visit her jewelry site. She sent me two pair of gorgeous sterling earrings.

Now, I have made jewelry before. And I have worked with sterling. And I can tell you that her pieces are simply amazing. They are straight out of a high-end jewelry store. Absolutely perfect in every way.

The sterling is heavy, the wires are heavy and again, they are flawless. I adore them! (Can you tell?) They've been in my ears, up until yesterday -- pre-procedure" on my earlobe. Thank you Lori SO much. These are my favorite earrings! I will be shopping with you from now on. Please, go and look for yourselves here: Lori Anderson Designs. You won't be disappointed, guaranteed!

After a beautiful sunny and quite warm day yesterday here in Nashville, we woke up to rain, ice and snow this morning. I snapped this of my cheery garage corner. Everything is in full bloom, of course. I should actually go out there and cut, at least, the daffodils as I have no fresh flowers in the house at the moment. But, my toes and nose are so cold, all I want to do is crawl underneath the kivers to warm them. And you know what that will lead to. zzzzzzzzzz We'll see.

The teenager comes home tomorrow from University for the night then he and the gang (Lord knows who) are headed to Riverside for their spring break. Lawdy me, keep them safe. You can bet I'll be on the phone with him every day!!!


*Nurse photo at top is from Shorpy's. A delightful collection of photos (mostly from DC) in the early 1900s. Another must-see site!


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Yes, it's better to keep an eye on moles and have them removed when necessary... Nice earrings!



John Ivey said...

I must say those are some mighty fine looking ear rings that Lori Anderson gave you, and her site is amazing. She is quite the craftsperson.

Keep your health, my sister, we want to keep you around.

robin bird said...

is that your brother commenting above?? so anywho...smashogram..? you funny girl you :) of course your moles will all come back fine. you are healthy as a horse! i am a Dr. Bird tweets so i know these medical things things.

Linda said...

Hope all of your tests and biopsies all come back negative. I'm very fair so am always on the look out for anything strange.

PEA said...

I'm so proud of you for looking after yourself like this. Whenever I go to the clinic I always make sure the doctor looks at this or that if I'm worried about something on my body. The last thing was a bump I have on the inside of my wrist...ends up being a ganglion. Ugh! I need a big bible to smash down on it! lol Fingers crossed that all the moles you had removed were non cancerous!!

Those earrings certainly are gorgeous and makes me wish I had pierced ears. I know, I'm such a chicken when it comes to having my ears pierced...and yet I have a tattoo! lol

I can't believe you have flowers in bloom already...sigh! Tons of snow here yet. Think I should move your way! hehe xoxo

Lori Anderson Designs said...

Oh my gosh, thanks for posting this! Those CHOCOLATES were divine, and I NEVER win a thing, so it was a double treat -- so it was only fair that YOU got a double treat! :-)



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