Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring has Sprung

It definitely felt like spring today. Absolutely perfect. It's been a tad on the cold side these past few first days of spring, so today was welcomed.

The lilac from mom's yard that we transplanted is bursting with buds. They look like bunches of tiny grapes, don't they? Lilacs are some of my favorite flowers. My wedding bouquet was made from them. Who knew the white ones didn't smell? Oh well. Live and learn. They were pretty just the same.

The hub and I planted the forsythia that I found at Whole Foods the other day. We put it on the outside of mom's fence, on the other side of her butterfly bushes. I hope this one survives my neglect.

I took this from our deck. Mom's yard is in a little need of some TLC, for sure. The spot of dead grass on the other side of the fence is where we had our fire pit before I moved it down to Riverside. It'll grow back. ;-)

And a view from the garage towards the back. We lost a river birch last year which hopefully will be replaced this spring. We'll see. (Oh, and btw, this is not all our yard! We go to the willow, the rest is common area. Yea, I wish! lol)

More grape hyacinths and daffodils are smiling at the warm weather today. SO pretty.

I found Bella walking around the front yard this morning. She's not supposed to be out there, little brat. Of course, it was a game of tag trying to catch her.

Then later this afternoon, she went from the top deck to the roof! Bad little kitty. She thinks she tough stuff. Miss Priss.

The teenager made it home safely from his spring break at Riverside. He's now on his way back to UT. I always have a little pang in my tummy when he drives off. Sniffle. But they all had a wonderful time, and that's what it's all about. Next thing you know, he'll be home for the summer. Then I'll be ready for school to start again! lol



Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Your yard looks beautiful!
I had to laugh at your kitty, she was just sniffing the fresh air! And her on the roof! Her defiant behavior is EXACTLY why my mom used to call me "Miss Priss" when I was growing up...thus my blog name!
Have a great week!

Snap said...

I love lilacs and I can't grow them down here ... crape myrtles just aren't the same! Bella is a little *hoot*!!! Spring is definitely springing.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great post, RoseMary.. It was a warm day here today also--and I loved it. I even sat out in the sun for a little while. Felt so good!!!!

Hope your little Forwythia makes it. I love those bushes. Looks like spring is coming to you and your yard.

That kitty is a 'roamer' isn't she?

Have a great day tomorrow.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I love these spring shots! Yes, nature is waking up at the speed of light!



Mrs. Staggs said...

Miss Luna goes up on the roof too. It drives me nuts, but that isn't as bad as another cat that lived with us a very long time go. She would climb up to the top branches on an old evergreen that seemed to reach to sky, and then climb out on the branches that bounced up and down a bit. Be still, my heart!

So glad that the young people are home safe and sound.

Your home is lovely, Rosemary.

Take care.

Beth said...

Now you know that Kitties do love heights,,thats why they climb trees. The yard is looking very springy. Glad the Teen had a wonderful break!

trisha too said...

aaack! your cat's on the roof!

she IS a bad little kitty!

our lilacs aren't even thinking about blooming yet, yours look wonderful.





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