Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oh Yes, Spring is Here

Not only did I see robins digging for worms today, but there was another BUNNY sighting! Oh, they are just so precious. I don't know if it's their little white cotton tail or that funny little nose of theirs, but I turn into a little child when I see a bunny. So much so that I must always squeal with joy and scream BUNNY! It's quite a site to behold, I'm sure. Some folks don't like bunnies around as they eat their veggies and such, I say, eat on my friends!

He stuck around so long, I told the kid to run in and get the bag carrots. Of course, once I started launching these little baby carrots in his direction, he took off. Oh well, perhaps the deer will eat them tonight. He was a big feller too, bet he could have eating several in a sitting.
"Little bunny Fru-fru, hoppin' though the forest,
Scoopin' up the field mice and bump 'em on the head."
I'll always remember the teenager singing this when he was but a wee little one. Aw.....

We also spied our first gold finches, one had completely turned already and some were in the midst of doing so, or this was just a female.

Today was a rainy day so I decided to finally go through all my papers and bills that had been collecting for several weeks on the kitchen table. Perfect day to do it and watch the birds feed and drink my coffee. Boom, all done! (Please note striped tail in chair.)

Oh my gosh, I am totally addicted to our "new" (Christmas present for the hub) coffee machine. The hub has been so goo-goo over it, I had to give it a try. Then, I found some Kona coffee and I just can't get enough! I know--not supposed to even be drinking coffee, but dang, I need a little bad, don't I?

And I'm sure the whole milk isn't that great either for what I'm trying to do, change 'my eating habits. But it's fresh off the farm. It HAS to be good for you, right? Yep, as you can see, I have a little coffee with my milk. Yummmmm. Hurt me so good.

While I was out yesterday, I had about a half an hour to kill and went to my favorite local book store in the Greenhill's area (ka-ching!) of Nashville, Davis Kidd. Oooh, and look what I found!

What is it about sticky notes that I find so much fun? Do you have the same fun with them as I do? Just knowing I have them, ready to pull out at any given moment, makes me happy. Wha?? You have to agree though that these are adorable. Look at all the different sizes and colors! I know you agree with me on this.

If spring is here, that only means that summer is around the corner. I am already collecting my reads for the warmer weather. In fact, I'll get a head start when we head to Riverside next week for spring break. Ooooh, we're all counting the days!!!

Vallen, of Queenly Things, had introduced me to Fannie Flagg. She has become my favorite summer-time read not only because she shares her days between California and my beloved Lower Alabama, but her books truly are wonderful. When I was at my lowest point last fall and was about to go mad, I went to the library and sat and read "A Redbird Christmas" in one sitting. It was so wonderful and had to take place on our little river down in Fairhope. Of course, I had to buy it to add to Riverside's collection. Thank you Val, my friend.

That's about it for today. The hub is OOT (out of town), up in NYC. He's going to check up on our new little nephew and I hope he brings some pics back to share. What a cutie. The kid and I have our agenda set for the night, "Ghost Hunters." lol Fun! Linder, are you watching????



Betsy from Tennessee said...

We had lots of rain also today, Rosa. We did get out to do our usual Kroger shopping on 'Senior Day'... BUT--other than that and a stop at WallyMart, we've been inside here also. The wind has finally died down---but was extremely brutal most of the night last night and all day today. We also enjoyed our coffee today--but we didn't have any milk straight from the farm!!! Wow! I'm impressed.

We haven't seen any bunnies yet --but our Goldfinch are getting their beautiful colors back.

Enjoy your reading.

Beth said...

Yep, its been a rainy day. I got my garden tilled up yesterday. Its going to be hugh. Going to have lots of fresh veggies. I Love the sweet little bun bun,,check out Lolly's this week she is have a Bunny week.
I think I have read some of Fannie Flagg books and loved them.
I hope to see you soon, Dear Friend!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I always enjoy reading your posts! Ooohh, it's so cute to have bunnies in the garden! That sunset is fantastic...



Linda said...

I adore Rosamund Pilcher but have been reluctant to try Robin Pilcher-son, daughter? I keep waiting for a new one from Rosamund. Her books are so great.

Snap said...

Spring has definitely Sprung! I love sticky notes, too. I find them in unusual places in the house ... I use them to mark anything and everything! Then I wonder why in the world that sticky note is THERE???!!! Bella is now an accountant?!!! I remember whole milk from my grand-dads place ... wonderful. Bunnies! Too wonderful! I only see bunnies at the livestock show. That's what I get for being in the middle of the big city.
Happy Day!

PEA said...

Pffftttttttt....sticking out my tongue at still looks like Winter here...phooey!! lol We did have a full day of rain yesterday and that helped melt a lot of the snow but still tons of it to go yet. Usually by Shawn's birthday on April 12th the last of the snow has gone so hopefully it will be the same this year. I'm soooo looking forward to Spring actually showing up here, with having had snow since early November, I'm ready for GRASS!!! Hmmmm, that sounded like I'm ready for "grass", ya know which kind! lol It was so hard coming home after Niagara Falls because they had no snow left over there!!

You and I would make quite the pair when seeing bunnies and such...I squeal like a kid too! lol Should have seen me with the planes we were watching landing on our trip, Steve asked me how old I was! LOL

Is Fannie Flagg the one that use to act in various tv series years ago? If so, I had no idea she was an author now, how awesome!!

Well, I've now read all of your posts that I had missed so please know that I'm up to date with your news:-) So good to be back to regular blogging!!! Love ya! xoxox

John Ivey said...

I enjoyed the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes," so I know the book will be good. I need to get back into reading.

Anonymous said...

Not commenting about spring, but about the coffee machine. We've had ours for over a year now & I mostly purchase the K-cups from Keurig on-line. They have larger quantity packaging & better variety than Bed, Bath & Beyond. By now, I qualify for free shipping + a discount. And they're shipped from Nashville, so I'd guess that you'd get yours a lot sooner than I do--in CA. My favorite is Kona. I got the machine because I was tired of cleaning grinders & coffee makers in my old age! lol

Jeanie said...

I'm so with you on the sticky notes. I just like them -- marking recipe books, mostly, but also magazine pages, you name it. Looks productive, my friend.



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