Saturday, March 14, 2009

Daffy Days

Our daffodils are in full bloom and I took advantage of it this morning. I finally got out in the rain and cut some for the house. I just love daffodils.

It was time for the daffodil flag flying full of pride.

These are the little wee ones.

And the larger variety. They are just so cheery, especially bunched together.

But alone, they seem to me to always have a smile to share. It's what we all need.

The yellows are so fresh this time of year after a dull winter.

Along with the daffs, I also cut some of the lovely smelling hyacinths. Mmmmm.

The smell is intoxicating. I think I'll put these by my bedside.

I bet you can almost smell them from here.

I had found these bunches of forsythia a couple of weeks ago (during our first spring day). Forsythia always reminds me of Virginia. It is everywhere up there! I miss it, especially along the roadsides. I had brought some from mom's when she first moved here, but neither one of us took care of it and it didn't make it. I keep telling myself I'm going to plant some but just haven't done it yet. One day.

The boys left this morning for Riverside. I am terribly green with envy. The teenager was so excited. He has been working especially hard this semester and deserves a nice break from it all. It's supposed to rain all the way down which is a hard drive. I can't wait until they make it and I get a phone call that all is well. Always a mother, right?

Oh, and I found a fabulous site through Paris Parfait. The name of the site is Apartment Therapy, and I have since added it as one of my favorites. I think I'll spend hours tootling around this site today! Enjoy!



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What pretty daffodils and hyacinths! I'm sure the teenager will make it to Riverside without problem... Wow, I'd love such an apartment!



Snap said...

I love daffodils ... I love bulbs! I've taken a few photos of daffys, but need to get out in the garden to take pix of the fressia, ranunculus and anemone. The rain is supposed to stop tomorrow. I'll have the camera ready.

Just what I need ... another site to visit! Did Bella see the modern cat beds at Apartment Therapy? !!!

I listed some books on Buddhism...


Anonymous said...

oooooh.................ahhhhhhhh. Hyacinth is one of my favorite smells. Lilac too when I'm mowing. YUM! Miss ya ~ A

Motherkitty said...

Dear Rosa:

Thanks for the lovely comments today. You know, I always read your blog but don't always comment. I enjoy visiting here because you are very talented and energetic -- both things I admire in people.

Hope your day has gone well and you are enjoying our "almost" Spring weather. The Spring flowers in our neck of the woods are just starting to show themselves because we are much farther north than you are. Enjoyed seeing your pictures.

Beth said...

Oh, I Love Daffys. I have alot at the other house but haven't planted any here yet. I do have some wonderful Forsythia here and my pear trees are gorgeous. Tulips are popping up but not blooming yet. I know the Teen and his buds will have a blast! Happy Saturday dear friend!

George said...

I love your daffodils. Unfortunately we still have to wait a few more days before we have daffodils blooming in our yard. I can't wait!
Thanks for visiting my site.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love 'daffy-dills' in the spring - we still have so much snow and it has been so cold in Canada - I buy 'daffys' just to remind myself that Spring will really come to us! Yours look so lovely - the photos made me smile, Rosa!
xoxo the fan

Queenly Things said...

Every photo is a beauty but that forsythia on the door is a magazine shot. Gorgeous.

Mrs. Staggs said...

Those daffodils are so cheerful to see. I bet they smell nice too. I always forget what a nice smelling flower they are, because their scent is a bit lighter, but it is there, and grouped in large bunches you can usually smell it easily.

I would worry too about the "boys", but it's all a part of their growing up, and our "letting go", a bit. We'll never really do that, but we can pretend. :>)

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

I just love the flowers! I haven't seen them blooming here yet..maye the next warm day....hope your son enjoys his much deserved break at Riverside!

John Ivey said...

Beautiful daffodils! You have an amazing green thumb.



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