Monday, March 02, 2009

Bella's Baby Bibs

I finally finished all of my baby bibs, cleaned and ironed them. Then look at what happens. Bella decides that this is her nest. Of all the places she can lie in this house, she chose the bibs! Gee whiz. Do you think she's even supposed to be on this table at all? Nuh uh. Bad little kitty.

I couldn't help but giggle though. She fit perfectly on them. And I bet they were warm. Perhaps I should make her a little nest of her own. Do you think she would enjoy it as much? I doubt it.

I'm happy they are finally done and out the door to my new nephew. It's always a lot of fun shopping for cute novelty fabrics these days. So much to choose from. Even the terry seems to come in better colors recently (which is what I line each bib with).

Yay. Another project checked off my list. I'm making myself proud.


Snap said...

I love the bibs.

Bella has the right idea ... just washed and pressed ... all for her -- right?!!! Every project I complete, one or more of the kitties has to check it out, ok it, walk on it, sleep on it ... too funny! They sure know how to work their *staff*!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Love the baby bibs, Rosemary... The colors are all so pretty... It's no wonder that Bella thought they were hers. I don't blame her!!!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Bella looks so cute lying on that pile of bibs! Nice work!



Saucy said...

Even for a cat, I find that endearing. Cats + Saucy = tenuous relations.

Anonymous said...

So Bella snuggled down for the storm.......smarty pants! Ro - you can do anything! Amazing................ ~ A

Beth said...

Such cute bibs and even Bella knows they could be handy for a kitty cat too. Love all the all the colors!
Your so talented!

Jeanie said...

First, this is adorable -- and I can't decide when I say that if I'm referring to the very cute bibs or to the very cute purr-ball sitting in the middle of them! They DO know how to pick a good spot, don't they!

I love Bella Posts!

Mrs. Staggs said...

My congratulations to you all on the new little fellow. Babies have such a way of bringing such joy and perspective to life.

Your bibs are wonderful, and I know they will be appreciated. You've made so many! That is one lucky baby, and mama will be so happy to have the.

Enjoy your Riverside retreat. I'm thinking about you.

John Ivey said...

You are so talented. I'm proud you're my sister!

robin-bird said...

what a fabulous collection of color and texture. oh...i mean the bibs but bella fits that bill too :)



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