Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday, MLK Day

One man come in the name of love
One man come and go
One man come here to justify
One man to overthrow
In the name of love!
One man in the name of love

Early morning, April 4
Shot rings out in the Memphis sky
Free at last, they took your life
They could not take your pride
U2's "Pride"

Today, I met up with Beth and her mom Lottie. We had lunch (thank you Lottie!) and then headed over to Michael's for a big sale. Of course, the stuff I wanted wasn't on sale. Always the way. Regardless, it was wonderful seeing them both again. It's been a while, which is sad. They're being close by and all.

Beth and I were so impressed with Shelley's paper white display that we decided to take a look and see if we could find some. We didn't. But, I did see a tea cup with flowers in it. Hey, I could do that. And that is just what I did when I got home. I still have all my Christmas stuff up and I definitely need to move on. How pathetic. Tomorrow. I promise. It's getting put away. Lost my momentum last weekend when I left and I haven't got it back. That's my excuse, anyway. lol. Oh! Beth made this lovely necklace for me, here on the left. I absolutely love it.

Any motivation is good motivation. So, I took two of my old teacups and decorated them with spring flowers and put them on the island. I told Beth I would be calling her and crying the blues once spring fever set in, still in the thick of winter.

On the way home as the sun was setting, I couldn't help but stop and take some pictures of our pretty valley (in the distance). It sure is changing, day by day. This entire area is still pretty though.

Well, this was written pretty fast because the Democratic presidential debate is ready to begin! Somehow I missed the last Republican debate. Oy. I'm hoping the American public will become a little more educated with the candidates this time round!


Beth said...

OK,,now you went and did it. I gotta have one of those tea cups,,,another trip to Michaels this week. Mom and I got stuck on the interstate on the way home. In traffic for a hour and a half, no pretty views like you had, bummer.
We talked about how much fun we had and how very, very sweet you are, and how we are going to have to get together more often,,I MEAN THAT!!!

Linda said...

That is so cute. Are the flowers real?

Artsy Etc. said...

Wow..those look wonderful in the teacup. Love them!!

I found my paperwhites at a store called Tuesday Morning, which is high end merchandise at a sharp discount. That's the only way I buy these days.

Doesn't that Spanish moss just get everywhere, when you're handling it? ick. Sure works well, though.

Time to put up Valentines..and soon Easter. LOL Pack up the holly, dolly.



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Here, it is very spring-like. I've already seen catkins, snowdrops, buds, etc... This year, it's a little early!

I like that hill/nature picture!



Mrs. Staggs said...

I've thought of MLK and RFK and JFK so much in these last few years. They represent a certain kind of courage that we seem to missing today. I keep trying to figure out why so few people seem to stand up and speak up these days. I know that is a generalization, but I find it discouraging.
Beth's necklace is very pretty, and so is the teacup filled with flowers.
It is very cold here, but sunny and very pretty outside. I've been thinking that I should go out and find something pretty to take photos of.
I'm a political junkie, and have been watching most of the debates. That one last night was a dooozy!

Tammy said...

My son gave me a little flat bottomed angel vase for Christmas and now I know just what I'm going to do with it...thanks for the inspiration!

Jeanie said...

What a great day you three had -- wish I was closer to TN to enjoy it with you all!

Like what you did with the teacups, too! How much fun!



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