Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's What's For Dinner

The hub is on his way home from NYC and it's terribly cold, so I decided to make a corn soup from one of my favorite soup mixes--Bean Cuisine. I found a whole bunch that I haven't seen while in Alabama at World Market and brought some home to try.

Of course, I added and subtracted from the recipe to fit our likes and what was available in the homestead. I deleted the white wine, didn't have any and our super markets don't sell wine (I do miss that from DC). I added more corn and since I'm not fat enough (yea right), I added some cream.

While back "home," (DC) Mary Jane took such good care of me making these delicious dinners. One night, she made pork chops, cornbread. It was sooooo good! Now, being a quasi-Northerner, I like my cornbread a little sweet. Hers was just perfect. Then she whips out this bag that has everything in it and all you do is add water. She had two extra bags and insisted I take them home with me. I didn't fight her. Gee whiz, you'd think it would be fool-proof. Me being the fool baker, mine came out so thin, didn't rise. I think I must just stir mine too much. I'm sure it will still taste good though. I must start working on my baking skills (New Year's Resolution!). Lord have mercy. (I only took a pic of the top so you couldn't see how pathetic it is. lol.)

While in DC, my brother Jim took me to his favorite cheese shop, The Cowgirl Creamery. There's a story there about how the lady who runs the DC store visited the original in CA and had to have one at "home." I need to read up on that if I can. Funny thing is, it is right around the corner from where my father's photography studio was! This is where I practically grew up--6th and F Streets, NW. The old neighborhood sure has changed--I barely recognized it. I have photos to share as soon as I get them off the laptop to my computer. Promise. Anyway, of course, I couldn't bring any cheese home but there were other things I could. I have never seen rose petal sugar, you? And I'm a spreader freak, so of course, I had to buy two spreaders. I may just have to order some products from their website though. I miss gourmet shops so much. There really are few and far between here in Nashville, or perhaps I just don't know where they are. I doubt that, cause I'm normally pretty good at stumbling upon them wherever I go. Not here. Pout.

Speaking of brothers, I got a call from Johnny last night! His voice is strong and he told me he got his last tube (feeding) out yesterday and is eating on his own. I just cried (unbeknownst to him). I can't even tell you how good it sounded to hear his voice, stronger than ever. Last week, this time, I didn't know if I would ever hear it again. I teased him, pretty soon we would all be saying "Shut UP!! Johnny!" lol. Nope, never ever ever! My brother Jim gave me this magnet while I was there. I grew up with Frank Zappa playing by my brothers but my "love" was Alice Cooper. How perfect is this concert? WOW! I would have loved it at 11 years old (soon to be 12 in five days after this concert). I think I saw Alice when I was about 12 or 13. Loved him.


Artsy Etc. said...

I'm so happy that your brother is continuing to improve! Such wonderful news. He has a special sister!

Supper looks great. Just the thing for a cold winter's least here its cold. It has been bitter for the last few days. That sure looks like it would warm you from the inside out.


Peggy said...

wished you lived closer, I am hungry LOL

dizkneenurse said...

Rosa, I am just starting read through your wonderful blog and I was so pleased to hear about your brother! That is INCREDIBLE!

And woman, I am buying a ticket to visit you, even if it is just for dinner! It looks wonderful!

I will be back again and I will also see you in Moland!


Pearl said...

Wow that soup looks really yummy. I bet that would warm you up.
Love hearing your news about your brother. All the best.


Linda said...

Very good soup, if you go by the photos. Isn't corn bread the best with soup? I need to make some.
Glad to hear that your brother is so much better. That's great.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Your soup ans cornbread look scrummy! I love anything beany or corny! By the way, today, I have made refried beans from scrap... I am really looking forwards to seeing your baked creations! I bet you are capable of baking all those Southern specialities!

I'm so happy for your brother! Ever so great!

I love the magnet! Alice Cooper's music is good.



Vallen said...

When you come to visit me we will go to the original Cowgirl Creamery and the terrifc little town it's in. You will LOVE it!!!! I never come away with out a big bag of goodies.

Tammy said...

That soup looks is a bone chillin' cold of 16ยบ right now and it would hit the spot!

Here's what you do for your cornbread...the package deals only make a small get your little shoes on and head out to your nearest Cracker yourself one of their 8 inch iron skillets for $8.99 (that is if you don't already have one) they are pre-seasoned and ready to cook in and just right for those little packages...if you double the package then make it in a 10 inch skillet...I'm just sayin'....

So glad to hear the news about your brother!!!
(((hugs))) and passing a tissue....

Jeanie said...

First, three cheers for Johnny! That must have been the best sound ever! I'm so glad things are looking up.

The soup sounds good but boy, that cornbread sounds great! Gotta try to find that one!

robinbird said...

sheesh that means we are pretty old if we can remember 1972..i was 18 at the time and Led Zepplin had my heart and soul... love the poster! and most importantly hurrah for your brother!



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