Saturday, January 26, 2008

Caught Up

I think after this posting, I will be completely caught up. I think. I always feel behind when I have post photos from a trip. I get all messed up in the scheme of things and feel totally discombobulated. Hopefully, this will do it from the DC trip.

The above is the Metro whizzing by. We don't call them subways in DC, just FYI. I rode it for many a year. In fact, when I was going to secretarial school in 1981, I was walking to the metro after school. My station was Foggy Bottom/GWU. As I walked by George Washington Hospital (across the street from the Metro station), I noticed the Presidential limousine there and for some reason I distinctly noticed the bullet hole in the back door window. By the time I got home, it was all over the news that Reagan had been shot. It all was kind of scary because it wasn't that long before that John Lennon had been murdered. And where are we today in gun control? Gawd, don't even get me started. (Boy, I am just full of side notes these days, aren't I. Or is it just a rambling mind?)

After Jim and I had our Tapas, walking back to the car, he pointed out The Hotel Monaco which is housed in the old F Street post office building (from my heyday). You know my love for boutique hotels, so I had to walk through. I had to contain my squealing, let me tell you. I want one of these green chandeliers--like I have a place to put it, lol. Loved the color scheme, and I'm not a green person. I just wanted to find a good magazine and sit by the fire and warm up.

This funky little nook faced the fireplace. The pillows reminded me of big fortune cookies!

The day before I left, Jim and I went to lunch at another favorite, The Peking Gourmet Inn, again in Falls Church. I actually took the above picture when the hub and I were there in 2006. This is a must while in DC. There is no better duck to be found in the area.

Yes, we had duck. To tell you the truth, I could do with some right about now. It's lunchtime.


Jeanie said...

Love that hotel! It's glorious! Even the sign is very cool.

I'm enjoying seeing your trip photos -- I know you didn't go there for fun this time, but I'm so glad you were able to capture such fun images!

Tammy said...

I've never riden a metro or a subway in my life...

I've never tasted duck either.

I just love your posts, I get to see new and exotic things to that green chandalier and the fortune cookie pillows

Have a great day!

Jessica Rae said...

Hi. I'm new to your blog. *wave*

Ooh...I've never had Duck. Those pillows really do look like fortune cookies. And wow - the green chandelier is so neat. And Tapas, I want Tapas!



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