Monday, January 28, 2008

Famous Kid Sauce

The hub and kid make this for us four or five times a year. It is the best sauce ever, EV-ER!!

Can't give you the recipe, because then I would have to . . . well, you know. Actually, I don't even know the recipe, so I'm safe.

We had a lot of gravy and sausage left over, so I'm going to make lasagna one night. That is, if the teenager doesn't come in an devour it all in a sitting.


Vallen said...

That is my veryfavorite dinner. I hope there's some left!!!! Gotta love the guys when they cook up somthing good like this.

Betzie said...

Oh die for sauce! I will make spaghetti tonight now, but sad to say, I will use my bottled sauce from Food Lion. LOL Oh will do.
Thanks for visiting my blog!!

Jeanie said...

Haven't eaten all day and this is making me crazy just looking at it! Love that kind of tomatoes, too! Good choice!

robinbird said...

hey!! you TOO could have your very own syndicated Food Channel cooking show...try this on...Hub and Kid Make Mystery Meat Sauces... well you know they hire people to come up with catchy titles for those shows... ask christa perhaps she can think of something a bit more thrilling for a name or maybe "the teenager" could! the photos alone are telling the tale...yum :)

M&Co said...

Mmmm that looks super delicious! I think it will be spagetti for dinner here today :-)

Pearl said...

Oh my that looks so good. A family of cooking wonderful.


Beth said...

OH YEAH,,nothing like a good meal cooked by your fave men. It looks scrumptous,,,Daniel cooks really good too, just doesn't do it very often, bummer.
Have a great Tuesday!!!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That sauce looks great! Served with a sausage, mmmhhh yummy!





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