Friday, January 25, 2008

Blogging Buddies

Thank Heaven for blogging buds. It must be close to Valentine's! I always enjoy receiving such pretty hand-made items from all my cyber friends.

The Valentine box and pin was given to me by Lottie, Beth's mom last weekend when we got together. I have had it on my table, and I just got my first Valentine to put in it! How fun!

Connie sent this lovely card to me. So pretty. (Does this mean I better get moving on making some?)

And, then there was this big box on the porch. Again with the "Now what in the world did I order?" SOAP!!! If I had a brain, or memory of one, I'd be dangerous. I had run out of my Hidden Haven Homestead (home of Miss Diva) soap and my skin sure has been feeling it. I am quite the soap snob and can't use just any ol' soap. Ever since Peggy started making soap from her (ever growing) goat(s), I have been addicted to it. My favorite is Miss Diva's private label. In it's popularity, Peggy was sold out but I am on the waiting list to get some as soon as it's made! Guess Miss Diva has other things on her mind as she is just about ready to give birth! Ooooof! Of course, that didn't hinder my shopping though, as I said, I really needed some as this burst of frigid air in Tennessee is doing harm to my lovely milky skin (lol). Lordy, look at all I got! I have Magnolia & Jojoba (which I am preparing to use), Honeysuckle, Peace, Simply Soap, and Herbal Garden. The extra special person Peggy is, she even threw in a bar of Sandalwood for the boys and a bubble scrubber (she felt my skin's pain) and a soap caddy! Now, how's that for customer service! She has an Etsy shop here, if you're interested. And, yes, you should be. I swear by this soap. If you could smell the study right now, you'd be clicking on that link and ordering some.

In fact, I can't even stand it. I'm off to use it myself. (Visualize Fred Flintstone floating towards the lovely aroma of the shower and Miss Diva's soap bubbles.)

PS Just an FYI, don't forget to order your honeybells (I get mine from Cushman's), there's not too much longer left in the season. They are heavenly and we all look forward to them each January. And if you haven't already ordered your King Cake for Mardi Gras, now's the time to get that done also. This year, I ordered mine from Randazzo's for the first time. It has icing on it, which I have never tasted before, but all the comment boards from the locals there swear by it. I'm giving it a try and will keep you posted. Mardi Gras is February 5! So early this year, eeeeek.


Peggy said...

Like I said before: I am always hungry after visiting your blog LOL
Thank you so very much for writing about my soaps. I am glad you enjoy them. William has been home for 2 months (haven't killed him yet lol) and his dry skin is all gone. I tried to tell him the soap wasn't just for women. Now he is hooked too! BTW you just caused me to order a King Cake!!! or at least I can blame it on you. LOL

Beth said...

Ok,,I still have my bar of soap that you gave me last year,,it was in such a pretty package I just have it displayed in the bathroom. Now I gotta give it a try as my skin is so darn dry. May have to order me some it. I have been making Valentine cards tonight,,its so fun. Love the kids journal,,its awesome!!!

Pearl said...

I am so happy you liked your card. I have so much fun doing my little craft projects.


Jeanie said...

That's beautiful! "Go, Lottie!" You three must have had THE best time!

The soaps sound great -- I'll have to visit the site!



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