Sunday, January 20, 2008


I received a phone call last night from Rosemary, my brother's nurse, and she told me to hold on a second. Then it was Johnny on the other end! He had his breathing tube removed yesterday and he is able to talk again! How fantastic is that! (I have tried to make my rounds and thank each and every one of my blogger buds for all of your thoughts and prayers. At this time, I am totally lost and don't know who I have thanked and who I have not. So, if you don't get a personal thank you, know I am thanking you in my little noggin. If you got two thank yous, you deserve it.)

I had taken lots of pictures of Sunny, my SIL's kitty, who made me feel absolutely at home at "their" house. It made me not miss Bella (shhhhh) in the least. He is the sweetest kitty; and if I could, I would marry him and Miss Bella. They would make the best couple in Catland.

I'm slowly waking up from last week's bad dream. The key word is slow-ly. The hub has been in Las Vegas, leaving Friday and returning today. Gee whiz, we are just two ships passing in the night, it seems these days. Then he's off to NYC tomorrow for more hot fashion scenes and new fabric unveiling's. With him not here, you know what that means. I have done absolutely nothing. I haven't even unpacked my bag yet. How pathetic is that? I did straighten up the kitchen this morning, not knowing what time he arrives home. lol.

Here are some pictures I took while leaving DC on Thursday. I don't think I have been in the new B terminal at National Airport (I REFUSE to call it Reagan National Airport! What in the world did that man do for DC?? Absolutely NOTHING! Why didn't they name a California airport after the man? Lord only knows. Ok, rant off.)

Beautiful Snow
Anyhoo, I have to admit, that area sure does raise my blood pressure any more. I even had a conniption at one point. I never have conniptions (outside the privacy of my own house, anyway). Without going into any details, I went off on some poor man at the Popeye's' drive through after waiting 20 minutes for some STUPID idiots couldn't decide what to order, first at the little speaker thing and then AGAIN at the window. He should have told them to drive around again after they made up their minds. The line behind me was going out to the street! I kid you not, I sat behind them for over 20 minutes!!! All I wanted was some beans and rice, go home, eat and go to bed. It was already 10 pm and I was tired; and I admit I snapped. Suppose I just needed a release. That poor man got it. I have never yelled like that in public before. After I yelled "WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS THAT ALL ABOUT??!!!!!" (all I could spit out in my anger), the poor man answered, in his broken English "I just try and make every body happy." Grrrrrr.

After New Year's, I was missing my fresh flowers so I ordered myself flowers of the month from Flowerbud, which sweet Pammy tuned me in to. My first bouquet arrived the next day, beautiful lilies. They arrived in buds and open slowly. Upon my return from DC, most were opened and absolutely gorgeous. The smell is amazing. They are the most fragrant lillies I have ever smelled. Yum. The pollen sure is a mess to cut out though. I had that stuff everywhere! My amaryllis is still blooming. The sun was shining through the flower and I couldn't resist capturing it. The colors are so pretty.

I went out Friday and bought a new fish. One had passed right after Christmas. I figured I better get a replaced before I messed up the good chi in the "travel area" of the house. I thought Mr. Nu (new) was blue when I bought him but somehow turned red by the time I got him home. Go figure. I think I was just imagining things now. grin. Anyway, he seems happy with his fellow mates close, but not too close, by. (Can you tell I am loving the closeups my new camera takes?)

Thursday, after arriving home, I received a box on the front stoop. I wondered what in the world I had ordered. Well, I hadn't ordered anything. It was a gift from Natalie Sarabella. When I saw the return addy, I just squealed. As I opened, layer upon layer of beauty, this is what was inside. To say it it absolutely breathtaking is an understatement. She sent the sweetest note along with it. She is one of the most thoughtful persons. I can tell you, it definitely raised my morale. Just home, still feeling guilty for leaving my brother, it was a welcome lift. Tucked inside her note was a sweet little piece of mink (from one of her projects). I have been carrying it with me every since--my rabbit's foot, so to speak. So precious. I can't wait to display my Kissing Ball in a most appropriate place next year! Woooohoooooo. We all need lots of kisses.

Well, word around the house is that the hub is back on Tennessee soil. So I best run and make the bed. lol.


Peggy said...

So happy your brother is doing better and can talk to you! Sounds like you need to just relax and enjoy those beautiful flowers. Tell hubby to bring home some take out. LOL

Janet said...

I bet that made your day....talking to your brother! That's the best news.

Girl, you must be meeting yourself coming and going!! How on earth do you keep going? I would be a shriveled up mess if I did half as much as you.

Those flowers are so beautiful....and that Kissing Ball! That is gorgeous. Bet you wish Christmas would hurry up and get here again so you can display it!

Take care of yourself and get some rest.

Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh what a wonderful feeling it must have been to hear your brother's voice again! I'm glad to hear that he is getting better.

I just bought a big stem of lillies yesterday, and one bud opened today. It smells so good! Mine have the look of Stargazers, with a pink stripe on each petal, but I love the all white ones.
You've reminded me to go pull off the pollen, before it makes a mess.

Take care, Rosa.

Storybook Woods said...

How wonderful to hear from your bother. It is a blessings. xoxoxox Clarice

Linda said...

Great news about your brother. I've had a few meltdowns as well with mostly innocent sales people. It can get to you sometimes.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Wow, it is great to hear that your brother got his breathing tubes removed!

Sunny is a very cute kitty! Yes, he'd be the ideal partner for Bella! He seems to carry his name very well...

I love that airport picture! I'd like to be enjoying such a weather, but here, the temperatures are mild and we rarely get to see any snow.



Jeanie said...

First, welcome home! I think the flowers were a great idea!

Second, yes -- Sunny and Miss Bella should be mated forever. Wouldn't their kittens be the cutest ever?!

You have thanked us all so much in your earlier post. It was wonderful. I am so glad your brother is able to talk again -- and that he was talking to you! That must have sounded like music!

Take care and rest! You deserve it. (Oh, and have fun with Miss Beth today!)

Tammy said...

I'm glad to hear the good news about your brother and I'm sure you are relieved!
Don't be too hard on yourself about the Popeyes incident. I pulled something similar years ago after my dear father-in-law died...I was grieving, I was stressed, I was hungry...Sonic waitress gave me grief over ketchup...for ever-lovin' more! I ended up tumping my food on the ground and driving off and crying all the way back to the funeral home.
How's that for embarrasing???
Love YOU!!

Artsy Etc. said...

Wonderful news on your brother! And you got to hear his voice. That had to be so uplifting. Its so nice to hear that news. Hugs.



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