Wednesday, January 17, 2007


We must remember things always work out, one way or another. Guess what? All my prayers were answered. Mom's house finally sold, closing was today. I didn't want to say anything and jinx it. PTL! I say my prayers were answered because the sweet family that had the original contract (that had fallen through the day before closing!) came back to me the beginning of the new year and said they wanted to try again. Since two other prospective buyers could not get loans since last summer, I was very excited to have another buyer. And being that the original buyer got it makes it even more sweet. They are just the nicest family ever and I can't be more happy for them. This is their first house and they are so excited. They really had to fight for this but I know they will be very happy there. (Of course, there was one more person who was ready to pay cash and yet another buyer in the wings once this contract was put in motion--it's always feast or famine! Geesh!) These posters were still in my old bedroom closet. I left them there. I didn't have the strength to remove them in the aftermath of my last visit. Maybe the new family's kids will enjoy them. They are cute, albeit OLD! (Hey, I kinda fancy that old 50s blue paint!)

Here are some pictures I took just before leaving for the very last time. There are a lot of memories in the old place. We all grew up here. Mom had been in the house for over 50 years. The top picture is going down the basement stairs. I guess this is our family's memorial. My mom probably caught me chiseling away and I was afraid to ever finish! hehe. All my brothers are there, my cousin Mike Lee (who my parents adopted after his mother passed away when he was 14) and a couple others jumped on the bandwagon. My brother Jim's teenage girlfriend (and my good friend) Amy is even there! She was like part of the family anyway, so I guess that's ok. And I see someone thought we all were Very Import Persons! hehe. Too funny. We never had enough money (or chose not to) to finish the basement, so it was really a basement--dingy and musty. When we turned into teenagers, this is where we all hung out. My brothers had a sofa and chairs down there and it was always hopping on weekends. I guess that's why I never mind my teenager's friends here. It's just how I was brought up. I'd much rather have them here than running the streets and I suppose my parents felt the same way. I still don't know how they managed the noise though. My brothers were "stereo" snobs and had only the best of the day--Bang & Olusfen turntable and custom-made JBL speakers that were bigger than me! (Amy built them high school shop class out of components that weren't used in commercial speakers!) Lordy. Don't remember the tuner. Hey, I just used the thing (and very carefully, I may add); I wasn't obsessed like my bros. Oh yes, we had to clean each record with a fluid and velvet pad to get any dust off it before placing that ever-so-fragile needle to the LP. If I didn't, there would be hell to pay; and somehow my brothers would know it was me. But it was worth it. The music was crystal clear and LOUD. We had many a phone call from neighbors telling us to TURN IT DOWN! Can you imagine? That house was always shakin' if the kids were home! The 70s were a different era, my friends. I can't even begin to say what was done down in that basement. Probably better off not knowing. hehe. If these walls could talk. And to think, it all began with a photography studio. When my dad bought the house, he made the basement into his studio as he had his own photography business. Here is the old darkroom (left). Sniffle. It always had the acidic smell of developer down there. You can still see the stains on the old wood. The picture on the right is of my Aunt Ollie, my dad's sister. It had to be taken around 1916 or so. We had it tacked to the ceiling. At one time, there were many mementos tacked everywhere. We had an old American flag hanging down as a backdrop to the sofa, album covers everywhere and old pictures covering almost every space of the cinder block walls. Aw, what wonderful memories. But with my mom now with us, I'm ready to let go.

Sigh. With that all behind us, we are now ready to move and put another contract on the river house which is still available! Yes! I am just pinching myself. Keep your fingers' crossed!!

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