Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Note on Blogger

I have had so many problems getting on many of your blogs these past two weeks. Tonight, I just found out if I click on your comment and go through your profile, I can then log into your blog from there. Just a suggestion if anyone else is having difficulty. I'm going to hold out for one more week and then see what I need to do to set things straight if I continue getting the error messages.


Leigh Ann said...

I've been having a horrible time with blogger and posting. ARGH!

We had beans and franks last night, too. LOL! I love Bush's and Boar's Head.

Cheers! LA

Vallen Queen said...

Just an FYI. I had blogger keep me out of my blog for two weeks. Then I moved to typepad. Also, when I look at your blog from my Mac, I can only see the background. To read the type I have to highlight it. That doesn't happen on other computers I've used. I think that is also a blogger thing. I hope you get some jpy soon.

Janet said...

Thanks for that tip. I never thought of doing that but will give it a try when I encounter everyday!!

Carlie said...

I'm just dashing by to say hello! I'm your Lily and Agathe partner for the vintage beauty swap. I'm looking forward to putting together a delicious bundle for you!


Peggy said...

Your blog is the one I can finally get to with no problem. It use to be I could never get on your blog. Go figure that one. Hope the kitty is soon well and healed up. I always go away hungry when I come here. LOL

Daisy Lupin said...

Me too, I have been getting that sign saying error bad request, usually happens at the same time of day, wonder if it is when blogger is at its busiest and is overloaded.



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