Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ski Bums

The kid and hub did a great job on their first time on the slopes. They didn't give up, and they get a lot of credit for that. I think the "T" lift gave them more problems than the slopes themselves. Here they are, off into the wild white wonder.

Some tips for the kid.

Getting a feel for the skis.

A view from one of the hills.

The guys headed back to the village today for another day of skiing. Green with envy, I hit the spa. Grin.


raphaƫl said...

Oh!!! you all guys are having a lot of fun!! that's great!!! ;-)

Enjoy! enjoy! enjoy!!


Beth said...

Hmm, I think the spa would be my best bet, I would end up with a broke leg or something if I was on the slopes. Your pics are amazing,,but I miss you Rosie Posie!!! Keep having fun!

lori said...

My children would love to see this much snow here in Michigan.



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