Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Ringing in the New Year, 2007

Here are some shots from our Gala New Year's Eve. We shared a table with two couples and three kids from England. It was so much fun. The dinner was amazing.

(Somehow I didn't get a pic of the "Poached Atlantic Lobster Medallions, Crab and Sun Chokes Salad, Lobster Jelly and Black Truffle Mushroom Vinaigrette." The kid has it captured on his camera so I will have to insert it later.)

Chestnut Bisque with Apple Pearls & Foie Gras Oil
2006 Lingon Berry & Champagne Sorbet

Roasted Beef Tenderloin with Herb Crust, Bigarade, Oxtail Fondue, Celeriac and Potato Pave, Baby Winter Vegetables

Snowy Red Currant and Belgium Chocolate Pate with Orange and Pear Relish

Chocolate Truffles and Mignardise

We shared the table with two couples and three kids from England. It was so much fun. The dinner was amazing.

The kid tooting his horn at midnite.

And finally, even Elvis showed up. The black jack tables opened at midnight. Too late for us to start gambling (for fun). We had to get up early Monday morning to hit the slopes. (The kid and hub, that is. Unfortunately, I have arthritis in one of my knees--grrrrr. It killed me watching them! Photos later.)

I'm sure this is what people were picturing later that night! hehe.


Anonymous said...

You really did it up right!! If you can't bring in the New Year in style like you did then I just want to stay home.lol Look at all that food. I will be dreaming about it tonight along with Elvis singing me a song.

So glad you had fun.
Take care and hugs,

Beth said...

Hey Rosie,,dang girl,,I forgot that you were going out of town this week. When are you coming home? I wanted to hang while I was off. But your having a lot more fun there! The kid is so cute,,and that food looks yummy. Too bad you can't ski,,I never could get the hang of it, now I would kill myself. You keep on having a blast. Let me know when you get home, we will get together even if its on the week-end.

Susie said...

That food looks divine! Glad you're having such a fabulous time (even if you can't ski!)

Tammy said...

very impressive array of grub, Rosey!!
Looks like something on FoodNetwork!!
Woo...that last photo made me dizzy!!

cityfarmer said...

Well, may I just say "I think the chef outdid herself!!!!!
Happy New Year.

Janet said...

My Gawd! That food is to die for! You really brought the New Year in with style, girl!



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