Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A New Contraption and New Sheets

Yep, I'm in an organizing mode--for my art supplies, anyway. (**Maybe I should get one of those big shots in my butt to motivate me in other areas of the house!)

I went to Costco today to do a little "freezer food" shopping (teenagers will look at a pantry full of food and say "There's nothing to eat.") If there's not a pizza in the freezer, there's nothing to eat. So, I needed to stock up on those staples. It is there that I found this new contraption to carry my junk around. Look at how perfectly my boxes fit inside. Perfecto! Mwaaaaa! Look Bethy!! I'll be able to bring more stuff!!

In other news at the homestead, last week I purchased some sheets online. We really needed a fitted sheet. All of ours are getting holey. (*See bleach usage below) We weren't really in need of pillow cases, but I can never find any when I want to (**See organization skills above). When I did a google search on oxford sheets, my fav, I found some at 50% off. Had to have them. Well, the only catch was they were pink. Not a prob, I thought. I'll just bleach them when they arrive. I've done it before. Ninety-nine percent of my sheets are white. (Weirdness and bed snob mentality.) We do, however, have two flat sheets (also oxford cloth) that were 1) blue and white striped and 2) beige and white striped. I swear, the rest are all white. Both have been washed with the rest of my white sheets (*with bleach). Therefore, they are now a very pale blue and a very pale yellow. So, I was right to think I could just bleach the pink out right? Am I right here? Hmm. Nope. I've washed them in bleach. They are still pink. Oy. A very pretty pink, though. But, I don't "do" pink in our bedroom. I try and keep it neutral for the hub's sake. And so, the saga continued.

Just this week, the hub and I have decided to upgrade to a king size bed. Amazing timing. (Could it be all that sleeping alone since he's been sick?) Think we've both kind of spread out in our sleeping patterns the last year--in more ways than one. We're not as "small" as we used to be. grin And every time we go on a trip, we get a king size bed in our hotels which has totally spoiled us. Anyhoo, I'm having hard-wood floors put in our bedroom at some point this year. At that time, we will move the queen bed down to the guest room and replace the double that is now there. (After sleeping there last week, I think it is a little short for a lot of our family that stays with us. I'm 5'3, and it's perfect--well maybe even a little short for me. So I can't even imagine how my brother, over 6 foot and my brother-in-law, way over 6 feet,can ever get comfortable there. (They don't sleep together, mind you!) And so, we will order a king-sized bed while the floor is getting put in. I'm sure the kid will be ready for a double bed in a couple of years (he has bunks now). We'll store the old guest bed until then. Are you following me on this? You see, the guest room is done in pinks and greens. Therefore, when the queen bed is moved to the guest room, the pink sheets will fit in perfectly with the decor. There is normally a method to my madness. (I think so, anyway.) I can find a home for almost anything. Thing is, I only ordered a fitted sheet and some pillow cases as that was all we needed for "our" queen bed. Today, I had to order a flat sheet so I will have a complete set for the "new" guest room bed. Hey, they were still a bargain. And don't they look pretty up against that quilt? Yes, they do, don't they? Admit it. I did good. Somehow.


Mrs. Staggs said...

Ya did good!
I wish the organizing bug that bit you would visit my house! I think the pink sheets are pretty, but my husband wouldn't appreciate them. I've started buying all white for our bedroom too.

MarkMcL said...


Thanks for leaving all your comments. I do visit daily, honest, just don't comment that often.

We have a King size bed and Mary is very protective of "her half", a Queen size would just not do! The biggest challenge is keeping the fitted sheets filed separately in the airing cupboard (as we say or linen closet I believe you call it). We ended up marking the labels K and D and storing them on separate shelves. We Brits do use the term Queen but if someone say Double they most likely mean Queen size.


MarkMcL (aka Mr English)

Janet said...

Those croissants look delicious! Every time I come here I leave hungry!!
Ah, the saga of the pink sheets. All's well that ends well. They will have a happy home in the guest room and you will sleep luxuriously in your new king size bed. I love ours. Can't imagine sleeping in anything smaller!!

PEA said...

Yup...all made sense to me! lol Funny how those pink sheets just wouldn't bleach, makes you wonder what kind of colouring agent they used!! lol I would love a hardwood floor...maybe one day! Will look forward to seeing pictures once all the remodelling is done:-) Hugs xox

LisaOceandreamer said...

you crack me up Rosa! Where there's a will there's a way...and it all comes out in the wash. LOL! I agree about wanting a king bed- the problem for us is that we have a cottage size home so a king bed would pretty much BE the bedroom. G is 6'4" and I am 5 2 1/2"(hey that 1/2 is important)..so a king would make sense.(alas the space issue).
Those croissants look so delish!!

Beth said...

LOL,,,your just crack me up. You are good girl,,damn good. And what lovely pink sheets you have!!! You will love your king size bed,,I wouldn't have anything smaller. Can't wait to see what all your going to have in your new cart tomorrow!



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