Saturday, January 27, 2007

Pink Sheets Find a Home

Today has been one of those days. Oh my. The internet connection has been down all day, probably a good thing. I have been so busy TCB (taking care of business).

We settled with the insurance company on how much the teenager's car was worth and therefore went out first thing this morning to find him another car. We went back to the same place we purchased his '92 Accord and found a '96 Accord that fit the bill. Done, boom, sold. (No pics, yet. He didn't take long to shower and leave in new car.)

Came home and moved all the furniture out of the bedroom to geust room. Boom done. Went to the paint store (have to paint tomorrow), closed. Closed at 4. Have to drive to next closest Sherwin Williams store. Boom done. Paint in hand.

(Thought you could see paint can in bathroom, but you can't. Oh well.)

Home again and make old bed moved in guest room with pink sheets. It looks great. I am quite proud of the finished room. Although, I think(s) some rugs are in store. Boom done. (see main pic above.)

Back up to master bedroom where I begin to dust blinds, ceiling fan and carpet. Cough cough. No wonder I want to get rid of the carpet. I cannot believe the amount of dust under where the bed was. Ew. Not to mention where I had my grandmother's quilt hanging on the wall (although I just did, mention it, that is.) now soaking in tub. Cough cough. All done. Now, late for seeing our Dianne from the hood who moved to Minnesota.

Quickly take shower at time I should be at restaurant to meet up with Dianne and others. Boom done.

Finally make it to restaurant, late, where I begin to cough dust and allergies hit. Lovely. Cough cough. Love fest with neighbors and fellow Dianne, love. So good to see her although too short, since I was late to arrive. Several drinks and time to go.

Meet up with hub, more drinks, some shrimp for dinner, then home. Here I am, too many drinks, much love and ready to hit new home for pink sheets.

Yawn. I'm not ready to switch over to new blogger, so forgive me for mistakes. I am NOT ready to change to Beta. (They want me to, according to Safari, will not let me log on unless I change . . . grrrrr.)

Now, let's go test those pink sheets! zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Think(s) I will feel this in the morning.


miss*R said...

so tell me - do you sleep at all? you are like a whirlwind xoxo

Beth said...

lol,,what a bizzy dizzy Rosie you have been,,lol. the pink sheets looks so pretty. i hope you feel like painting this a.m.
glad you got a car for the teen,,nothing like a new car.
have fun today!

Linda said...

The room looks great as I'm sure your room will be when it is finished. How did Dianne look? Could you tell she had had that procedure done on her face? Wish I could have been there.

Janet said...

My gosh, had a full day! If I did half that much I'd be in bed for a week!! The room looks great.

Paris Parfait said...

You are a dynamo of energy! Glad the teen got a good car and that you had a nice visit with your friend.



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