Thursday, January 25, 2007

And Today, I Smudged

Finally got a call from our wood guy who will be installing our hard-wood floors in the master bedroom. He'll be here next Tuesday! Nothing like giving a girl a little notice! Thank goodness the schedule couldn't be better. The hub is in town until Monday, at which time he sprints off to Europe. He asked if I wanted to go. Well, yes, I do want to go; but I have way too much going on right now. Way too much!

And, so, the hub will be here this weekend to help move ALL the furniture out. Joy. This is our chance to move the queen bed down to the guest room, where I will be sleeping until the floor is finished. He'll be out of town, hopefully, during the entire transition. Amazing timing. Hey, at least he'll be home to do the heavy lifting! Yea!! All I have to do is empty all the drawers and the armoire. Another joy.

I have already taken down the guest room. I took the bed apart and have it waiting for the teenager to move to the basement. While I was pulling up the rug, I found yet more remnants of the "crazy woman." I just can't rid myself of her. Every time I turn around, there is something there that reminds me of that sick time in my life. She had cut a piece of her pajama bottoms off and hid it under the padding. There was also a piece of gum stuck under the pad, right in the corner. Lord.

I had purchased some smudge sticks in Arizona last year and I knew this was a good way to begin the year anew. (I have yet to make my black-eyed peas for luck! Ooooh! I even had the peas and ham hocks ready to go and just never go around to it. I have been totally discombobulated since New Year.) And so, I did my first smudging with sage. I've used incense before never the Native American ritual of sage. Since I have a speck of Iroquois running through my veins, I decided now was the time to reach out to that part of my ancestors. I used some sand from Gulf Shores in Alabama from this summer and an old shell I found when the teenager was quite small from Sanabel Island, Florida. I began with cleansing myself and tried to rid myself of all negative thoughts and then moved straight to the guest room. While I was at it, I moved the smoke to each room and said a prayer in each. Sigh. I'm hoping this rids me of all negative thoughts towards her and allows my memory to fade in regards to that horrible stage.

Now I need to go out and find another rug that will fit in the guest room. With a queen bed, it would cover the entire one that I am now using there. Of course, we also now have to order a king size bed and another rug for the master. While I say that, I am stuck here at home waiting on the cable guy. "He'll be there between 12 and 4." Well, it's now almost 2:30. I know he'll show just after four, leaving me here waiting. I really do need to learn to meditate!


AnnieElf said...

Hi Rosie. You sure are in for an eventful time. It will be fun to see somemore after pictures. AnnieElf
p.s. Love the cat

Beth said...

Hey Rosie,,
Girl,,I sure hope you got rid of that horrible remenants of that crazy idiot. I know it has haunted you,,it would me too. I will e-mail you or give you a call later this evening about tomorrow. A new bed,,,yay! I need new mattresses.
Talk to you soon Rosie Posie!!! Love the kitty,,gotta save that pic,,lol.

Janet said...

I don't know who the crazy lady was but I hope you got rid of her and all her vibes with your cleansing sage.

Don't you just hate waiting for a repairman to show up?? They usually come at the last minute but if I leave they come early!

Linda said...

I am more into the smudge sort of thing myself being of Cherokee heritage-plus a whole lot of other things. It is amazing how things from other cultures really do work.

paris parfait said...

Sounds like good timing with everything. (But hard to believe you're passing on a trip to Europe!) I'm not sure I know about the crazy lady, but the smudge bit sounds good.

PG said...

Eeew, Rosa, hugs...that sounds so freaky and horrid. Smoke those memories out!
Is this a good or bad time to tell you I've tagged you? It's 6 weird things about you...see my blog for full details...

miss*R said...

oh my, still evidence of that woman? Leave it with me - I am sure I have a binding spell somewhere. to rid your self once and for all. you poor girl xo
I love, love, love, love LOVE smudging :)



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