Monday, January 22, 2007

Fun Weekend

Grrrr. Our Comcast cable has been out most of the weekend. In fact, it has been on and off (mostly off) for all of January--and thus the lack of blogging or getting several posts in for one day! It has been so frustrating. Today, it seems to be working. We'll see how long this lasts. I think a phone call into them is in order.

Seeing Lottie and Beth was such a joy. I drove out to meet up with Bethy near her house, about 45 minutes from here. We then went to Lottie's (Beth's mom), another 20 minutes away, and picked her up. I then followed them out to (let me look at a map real quick) Northeast Tennessee to where the stamping was happening. All in all, it was an hour and a half Northeast of me. I tell you, moving from your home state at 40 years old and trying to learn a whole new state is diffifult! I'm not that good (actually I'm horrible) at direction so trying to figure out where I'm going is a real "challenge," shall we say. I had no idea were I was until just now when I looked at a map of Tennessee! Is that bad or what? I thought I was up near the Kentucky border, but that was about it. Duh. Look at how beautiful the countryside is up there. It reminded me of Northwestern Virginia where we moved from. Sniffle.

Beth and Lottie had made me all kinds of goodies. Look at my domino (yep, made out of a domino) necklace Bethy made me! I love it! And the pin and the magnets are adorable. I put my magnets up by my desk so I can look at them every day. So sweet! And the ATCs are precious! I've put them up on my little easles to show them off. Those two are just so talented. This one is for the hub. I adore it! How cute is that???? hehe.

We met up with a dozen or so other women at the little community center "up there." One lady showed us some techniques on making greeting cards. That was a lot of fun. We then sat around gabbing and trading materials--always fun to do that! Beth showed me a lot of new techniques. Again, so talented! Lottie was so quiet, but she said she was busy working! Beth is just the sweetest daughter in the world. I just love being around those two (far right in pic above). I am sorry I didn't' take more pictures! Sometimes I wonder about myself. I took the camera out, took two pics and then began using some of Beth's supplies while I could and totally forgot about taking more! I wanted to get some of Lottie and Beth for our ATC group and didn't! No sense.

Since the computer was down almost all weekend, I spent a lot of time making more ATCs. This is what I came up with yesterday from some sheets I got from Beth. Thank you Beth! xoxo I love the vintage valentines, don't you? I need to get a lot of them in the mail for trades. Finally finished my Beatles ones for Shelley, yea yea yea, and my valentines for the ATC group. I am totally out of ATC covers and placed an order for them last week. I hope they come in soon so I can get these in the mail, like TODAY! (Hey Shelley and most everyone else on Blogger, I can't seem to get on your blogs. Says it's a bad request! Ex-cuuuuuse me!)

Cold and damp here today. I need to run out and get my niece, Jacq, her birthday present (late again) in the mail. Some things just don't change, do they? I'm hopelessly late these days, it seems, with just about everything. Hmmmmm.

Think I better get this posted before I get thrown off and lose this post.


Susie said...

Beautiful countryside, and I laughed when you had to check the map to find out what direction you went!
I'm hopeless in that dept. as well.
Glad you had a fun time making all those pretties!!

Tammy said...

I've been having quite a bit of computer problems too friend...looks like some beautiful work on this post!!

cityfarmer said...

If it's not one thing it's another!!!

Mrs. Staggs said...

I drive Mr. Staggs nuts because I can't ever tell him the names of streets when we are going places. He finds it particularly funny that I usually can't tell which direction the wind is blowing. Keep in mind he's been sailing for months in the South Pacific and gone hiking for weeks at a time in the mountains. He's the sort of fellow that can tell you to the minute what time it is without ever looking at a watch. I just remind him that I always get to where I want to go and on time too!
I hope Miss Bev gets to feeling better soon. It's hard when these sweet creatures aren't well.
All of the artwork is wonderful. It's nice that you can all get together like that and share tools ect. It takes awhile to collect all of the wonderful things there are to create with paper nowadays. I've been looking for one of the giant heart punches, but can't find one here. I think I'll have to order it online.
I'm not quite ready for spring either...but it was nice to have a sunny day to play in.

AnnieElf said...

cool Rosie. While you and Beth and the LOTTIE were having fun, some of the west coast contingent got together too. Me, Vicci, Maryellen along with Lisa (Oceandreamer) and Biene. What a blast.

PEA said...

I can relate with being back with directions...I get turned around so fast it's ridiculous! lol Sounds like you had such a fun and wonderful time and oh wowwww all those delightful art projects you made are just amazing! Wonderful gifts Beth and Lottie made for you too...beautiful treasures!! Hugs xox

paris parfait said...

Looks like such a fun time - and what lovely art!

LisaOceandreamer said...

I think it's great you were able to join them and do art as well, You have some real treasures there, those wee easels are a great idea, where do you find them?



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