Monday, January 15, 2007

A Mess to Clean

Just put water on the stove to boil for some tea. It's a miserable day here in Middle Tennessee. I made it out only long enough to purchase a refill my Eveda candle. I'm in need of a little inspiration and find scents do it for me, along with some good music, of course.

Before leaving for Canada, as I was pulling suitcases out of the back closet (where I keep my art supplies), several boxes fell and splattered all over the floor. I quietly kicked everything back in (of course the bead and button box was one to fall, mind you) and calmly closed the door. There it all sat--pieces of papers about the size of your little finger, beads, yarn, buttons, you get the picture. Until today, that is.

Bethy has invited me to a gathering of the souls, so to speak. She gets together with a bunch of other ladies around Tennessee for a day full of sharing good food, good company and good ideas. I am so excited to go that I went out (after she told me there was a 50% discount coupon in the local Sunday paper) to Michael's and purchased one of those rolly art supply carriers. It was already in clearance and then they gave me the 50% off on top of that. I barely paid for the thing! Even with it, I will have to pick and choose what I take to Beth's this weekend. Probably need a couple of these, ha.

And so, my friends, this is what I'm doing today. Look at the mess. I just threw it all on the kitchen table to sort out--dust bunnies and all. Lovely. Why is it things can't stay organized? I can't figure it out. I wish, sometimes, I were a bit more anal about organization. I love things when they are in their place, but that is very rare in my house. I am trying though.

Even the hub got into organizing yesterday. I think after I moved all the boxes down to the basement (by myself, oh yes), he felt guilty and took it upon himself to work on the bedroom. Since he is an avid reader, there have been stacks of books at his bedside for many, many months. Without any warning, he just started cleaning the room, putting things away, even changed the sheets. Then he started cleaning the office. Miracles do happen folks. Yes they do. hehe. He is feeling much better. (Thank you for all your well wishes.) He had an abscess on one of his tonsils. Quite nasty indeed. Got a bit ol' shot in the butt full of antibiotics. Maybe I should have that done about every quarter. Seemed to motivate him to clean a bit--either that or the "talk to the hand" bit once he walked down the stairs as SOON as I finished taking the last box down to the basement. Hmmmmm. Nice timing. At any rate, he was motivated. Thank you, hub. Now, what do I need to do to get the boys to clean their rooms? Perhaps another conniption is in order. That's what it took last time!


Peggy said...

Oh do I ever need to organize and clean! I just can't get around all the remodeling junk everywhere so keep putting it off. Have a fun weekend.

Shell said...

Hey Rosa. I've been doing the same thing...organizing my art supplies. I hit Michaels today and Christmas was 90% off. I really was ready to quit thinking Christmas, but when they had glittered and beaded Victorian picks that were regularly 9.99 each down to .99 cents, I had to have some for the mantel next year. Then there were leaf picks that were gilded with gold and silver that would make perfect embellishments for collage work and ATC..and then I found 5 bags of Victorian know how it is. Wish I could join your group art group. Are these the same ladies from the ATC group you invited me too?

Have fun.

Janet said...

I need to organize and sort through my art supplies but I just can't seem to face it yet. I'll put it off until I can barely open the door to the sturio and then I'll get busy!!

If you find out what worked the miracle on your husband please pass it on for the rest of us!!

lila said...

Cleaning can be just seems hard to get the momentum started!

I hope your portable organizer works well for you art gathering with your friends!

Linda said...

I love everything neat and tidy but, even so, seldom get things that way. Good luck at your organizing.

Granny said...

It's always the button box or something just like it, isn't it.

I'm the only organized person living here and it's just more work than it's worth staying on everybody all the time.

Vallen said...

Oh, I am so inspired by your organizing. At work I am known as the "organized one." At home it is a different story. I try, I really do, but there's too much stuff. I think I'm going to take it pieces so it doesn't make me run and hide.

Beth said...

LOL,,you are so hilarious Rosie,,lol. That was a great post. Hey, I am so glad you got that cart,,believe me,you will die when you see all the stuff the other women bring,,its amazing. I can't wait till saturday. Man,,was it cold today or what,,sure felt snowy, just glad we didn't get all that ice that they got in Missouri and Oklahoma,,yuk. Glad Hub is feeling better,,and watch out boys before Mom has a conniption on ya'll,,lol!!!!

Paris Parfait said...

I'm on an organising kick too, but I don't have the space you do, or those nifty rolling carts. Glad the hub is feeling better and helping around the house. :)



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