Monday, January 04, 2010

A Year in the Life--2009


January began with some changes around the house. I had to install a gate going up the stairs for mom after her fall on the third level of the house Christmas eve at 3 a.m.. She didn't like it too much.

But there was new hope for the country.

On February 16, mom turned 85. She was happy, as always.

And I started a very strict, all organic diet. It works. (But I now have the ten pounds I gained this summer to LOSE!)

March brought a trip to Riverside where I may have just eaten a family member of this little feller. Our neighbor gave me some fresh lettuce from her garden, which I ate eagerly. But then I found this guy, who obviously had hopped out of the bunch before I ate him! I so solly.

The end of March brought another mini stroke which put mom in the emergency room.

After sleeping for several days, she was wide awake with her wonderful smile, so happy to see us.

April brought many changes in my life. Mom was admitted into rehab, close to home, after losing her mobility and some more of her thought process. While she wasn't too happy with the physical therapy, she loved all the attention the nurses gave her and became quite able in her wheel chair. Unfortunately, mom was unable to come home and live independently and therefore moved into the nursing facility.

The hub and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary, a little late.

May brought a visit from my sister-in-law, Mary Jane, and my niece Kelly. Mom was so happy to see them!

We took a cooking class at The Viking Cooking School while they were here.

June brought the cuz down from DC to visit and we began our road trip.

Which started at the W in Atlanta, on to Savannah, then to Tallahassee, and on to Riverside and then back to Nashville.

Mom settled in nicely and was quite content in her new space.

July brought hot days full of love.

And the teenager's 20th birthday.

August came and went quickly with the kid beginning driving school.

And a visit from my brother Jim.

In September, the kid and I jumped on board a business trip with the hub to San Diego. We were able to meet up with family and enjoyed it oh-so-much.

I met up with Beth and her mom Lottie for a little day of art.

Mom continued her adjustment and was loving everyone (except me on some days!).

October brought my girlfriends together at Riverside. But I was called back when mom developed pneumonia a couple of days after I arrived.

She passed three days later. Mom never suffered and my brother Jim was here when she left us.

November brought mom's celebration of life at my brother Jim's in Maryland. We were all surrounded by family and friends and I know she was there with us. We cooked all her wonderful foods including friend chicken and bbq. It was a precious day for a most precious woman.

We celebrated the kid's 16th birthday a little late, but that's ok.

Then my brother and his family came down for Thanksgiving (which I have yet to post about!). So good to have them with me, always.

A VIP Miley concert for my nieces ended the trip with a bang.

December is quite the blurr. I do know that we spent Christmas at Lake Louise in Canada.

And New Year's in San Francisco.

A year in a flash. I'm still numb from the ending of it all.


Vallen said...

Oh, you got a pic of the tree, yippee. The best day ever!

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

what a busy year girl! You are always full of adventure! I loved reading your recap of the year...and all the sweet pictures of your mom. She was indeed loved by so many!
Best wishes for 2010 to you!

Snap said...

Quite a year!

Love *Mom's* smile.

Happy 2010!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Thanks for the 2009 memories, Rosemary. I know it was a wonderful and yet sad year for you.. I know it was hard losing your precious mother this fall. Glad you all could get away for the holidays. Can't wait to see the pictures from Canada and SF....


Beth said...

You sure did have a busy year, Rosie! Lots of fun times and a sad time too. Loved looking back at your year! Hope we can do another Art day sometime soon.



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