Friday, January 29, 2010

A Snowy Day

Most of us here in Nashville are giddy with the snow we're getting. Oh-so-pretty. I think we're all hunkered down in our bungalows enjoying the peacefulness of it all.

It started mid morning. The birds were filling up with as much as they could. Funny how they know when it's coming.

The kid and I went to the DMV this morning to get his diver's license! Yay. It's official. Keep your children out of the road!
He's actually a very good driver. Hey, I am entrusting him with my dear old Ollie car, aren't I?

By the time we got back, the snow had begun to stick to the roads.

A little walk about the place.

And enjoyed the silence.

After I ran some errands, I went up to the bedroom where Bella wanted to go out on the porch. Of course, she didn't last too long out there before figuring out the white stuff was actually cold on the tootsies.

Oh, please let me in.

She went right to the down.

Where we both warmed our bones.

And watched the snow fall from the bed.

Until the hub came home. He, Frankie and the kid went for a walk.

The kid shot this on their way back in.

Beautiful snowflakes make me happy. And speaking of which, a very Happy Birthday to my dearest friend Amy. Cheers to many, many more Aim. This is my favorite picture, ev-ver!



Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Ro. The flowers are just fantastic! And the girls and I had a blast opening the box. I love it all! And I'm so happy you got some real snow for Bella, you and the new driver to play in. Do you remember when we were in HS and it snowed a bunch - we went out and did doughnuts in the parking lot? Miss you! XXOO

Linda Sue said...

WOW your shots of snow here and snow there are wonderful! Driving in the snow- tricky!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Nice pictures! I love snow...

Happy Birthday Amy!



Snap said...


You are having fun in the snow! (It is gorgeous.) Enjoy!


Jeanie said...

Your kitty track photo is one of my most favorite -- EVER!



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