Saturday, January 23, 2010

This and That

Bella has been enjoying my being home for a substantial length of time. I believe she had given up on me. She was pretty perturbed over our last trip during the Holidays. Prima donna. But I think she's over it, finally, and has forgiven me. She's been right by my side.

I've been puttering around, trying to get little things done. Piece by piece. Room by room. I finally cleaned out my bedroom and rid it of all the dust that was beginning to grow. I can't believe how much was there. Then I moved on to the bath. I can't believe how much junk had collected in my drawers since we moved in, um, nine years ago.

Yep. They have not been cleared since then. Bad, I know. This doesn't even do the bad justice.

These four are my catch alls. You have them, right?

Yes I was on a tangent. I scrubbed the floors, the shower and every other surface. Sherry comes up with this idea for using the Pampered Chef stone scraper for the shower stall. Hmmmm. And, guess what? It works perfectly for scraping soap scum off.

While she was doing that, I was working on replacing the fan/light in the powder room. It's been driving me mad for years. Finally, I got that little project done. Yay.

After all was said and done, the bathroom is in marvelous shape. Thank you very much Sherrie for motivating me to get 'er done right. I piled two large shopping bags full of soaps and other goodies I have picked up over the years in mine and the hub's travels. One bag went to Sherrie and the other will go to the nursing facility. There's all kinds of goodies I found that would be great for game prizes like airplane travel kits the hub brought home. Of course, I had enough miscellaneous travel size shampoos, soaps and the like from hotels to supply the county!

Today I finally replaced my Cuisinart and I brought it out for a test run.

Lemon/Blueberry scones again. They were flakier than my first batch. Not that I need to be tasting these fellows. I have yet to lose a pound of the weight I have gained since the summer -- and even more recently.

I have been melancholy, just can't seem to find my grind yet. I will though. In time, I suppose. Until then, if I could accomplish a couple of small projects like I did this week, I'll be doing pretty good. There's still the kid's room to dismantle and redo, the storage basement has been weighing pretty heavily on me. Hoarder! And of course, so many other areas that need a good weeding through. We'll see how much I get done. ha. Seems spring cleaning is starting a little early. Or, in actuality, I never did get to my fall cleaning. Time for catch up, for sure!



Linda said...

I have several junk drawers. They drive my husband nuts but I never can seem to get them straightened out.

Janet said...

I need some of your motivation! Wow! You really did a major overhaul on those drawers....and then made scones! Way to go!!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I have problems finding the motivation to make order and clean things...

Those scones look perfect!



Snap said...

You can come and work on my bath! Wow, well done! The scones look delicious. Let the sun shine! :D :D


Jeanie said...

My favorite Ms. B. is back! Thank you for posting her! And I'm loving the sound of those scones~

Pearl said...

Wish I could borrow just a little bit of that energy...
I know it feels really good to get things done around the house.
Those scones look yummy.

Take care,



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